Best WordPress Plugins For Image Optimization

Best WordPress plugins for bloggers to optimize images. This article features some of the best image optimization plugins for WordPress that can help your blog load faster.

WordPress plugins for image optimization

Having an image in a blog post is good. However, image optimization plugins are also essential, especially, if your blog is powered by WordPress.

WordPress is one of the most popular free web publishing tools nowadays. Currently, the open source tool is powering millions of websites and blogs across the globe.

One of the advantages of using WordPress is the fact that you can use it to build any kind of blog. Also, it has a plugin repo where you can get plugins to improve your website.

In short, WordPress is a flexible web publishing tool and it’s arguably the best. If you’re running a blog, WordPress is the tool to use and no other software can be compared to it.

Image Optimization Plugins For WordPress

Optimized images can do wonder to your website as it can improve users’ experience on your site. Also, the images can help elevate your brand and boost your site’s SEO rankings.

Nowadays, image optimization plays a massive role when it comes to blogging and search engine optimization. This is because large images usually increase page load speeds, which is not good for SEO.

Page speeds do frustrate visitors and have negative impacts on your blog SEO. However, image optimization is the easiest way to make your site load super fast!

In short, by optimizing your images, you will be able to enjoy all the benefits images have to offer. Below are some of the best image optimization plugins for WordPress that can help reduce image size and the way your site handles image loading.


ShortPixel Image OptimizerWith over 300,000 active installations, ShortPixel Image Optimizer is one of the most popular image compression plugins you can use to optimize your blog.

It’s a lightweight image optimization plugin that can compress all your past images and PDF documents with a single click. Also, it automatically rescaled, and optimized new images are on the fly.

Smush Image OptimizerThis is another great image optimization plugin and it has over a million active users. Smush optimizes images, turns on lazy load, resizes, compresses, and improves your website Google Page Speed.

The free version plugin can optimize your images up to 1MB in size. However, you will have to get a paid version to optimize images up to 5MB in size individually or in bulk. It will compress your images without a visible drop in quality!

EWWW Image OptimizerIf you are frustrated by a slow website, then EWWW Image Optimizer can make your site faster, improve your bounce rate, and boost your SEO.

After installing and setting up the plugin, it’ll automatically optimize any images you upload to your blog as long as they’re either JPG, PNG, or GIF files. The plugin includes a function to optimize your entire media catalogue if you already have lots of images on your site.

Imagify Image OptimizerOffering one of the most advanced tools to optimize images, Imagify optimizes your images and convert WebP in one click. This means you’ll get lighter images without losing quality, convert WebP and speed up your website.

You can choose from three different settings for the optimization — Normal, Aggressive, and Ultra. Generally, Aggressive is a good spot where you can keep file size down without a noticeable dip in visual quality.

However, moving into Ultra compression may result in blurring, slight pixelization, color ratio loss, and minor artifacts in the images. However, that lossy compression is incredibly effective at reducing file size.

reSmush Image OptimizerThis image optimizer lets you reduce image sizes with ease. reSmush offers image size reduction based on several advanced algorithms. It’s one of the best free image optimizer and compress plugins you WordPress users.

The plugin includes a bulk operation to optimize all your pictures in 2 clicks! Also, it lets you change your image optimization level to fit your needs or requirements.

Optimus Image CompressorOptimus is another good WordPress image optimizer that can reduce the file size of uploaded media files automatically. With this plugin, reductions in the size of up to 70% are possible, however, it depends on the image and format.


Optimus remotely process your images on their own server and send the optimized images back to your blog. Afterward, the plugin saves the image version with a reduced file size in the media library.

WP Compress Image OptimizerThis plugin is a powerful all-in-one image optimizer that shrinks file sizes with ease. It uses local image optimization and live image optimization with adaptive images by device, retina device support, and image lazy loading.

Also, it uses a CDN to serve images as fast as 7ms without needing to make them so small. It offers a number of features for agencies that may be working with multiple client sites.

TinyPNG Image CompressorIf you want to make your website load faster by optimizing your JPEG and PNG images, then this is another great option. This plugin automatically optimizes all your images by integrating with the popular image compression services TinyJPG and TinyPNG.

The plugin uses lossy compression methods to reduce the file sizes but mostly preserves the quality of the images. You can optimize roughly 100 images each month for free with a regular WordPress installation.



WordPress Plugins For Image Optimization
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