Powerful WordPress Plugins for Amazon Associates

Do you want to make money with Amazon Associates affiliates? This article features some of the best WordPress plugins for Amazon Associates to maximize Amazon earnings.

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WordPress Plugins for Amazon Associates can help you make money through Amazon associates. Maximize your affiliate marketing earnings with ease…

Are you a blogger looking for ways to make money with Amazon affiliates? Amazon’s WordPress plugins can offer you the opportunity to improve your blog income.

If you have a considerable amount of traffic, you can easily make money with Amazon Associates. The plugins make it easy for you to display Amazon products on your website as well as to keep records of your affiliate earnings.

Amazon Associates WordPress Plugins

There are various types of WordPress plugins for Amazon Associates; some simply turn random words in your posts into affiliate links, some are free while some have premium features.

Depending on what you are looking for, there seem to be plugins for everyone to use. You can get WordPress Plugins for Amazon Associates that can display any number of products based on category or search results.

Some plugins can enable you to put Amazon widget content into your blog sidebar while some come with shortcodes that can be inserted in a post. Below are some of the really good WordPress Plugins for Amazon Associates or Affiliate.

#1]. Amazon Reloaded For WordPress

Amazon Reloaded For WordPress

This plugin offers an easy-to-use interface that makes it one of the best WordPress Plugins for Amazon Associates. With this plugin, you can search for any product, then easily send the product name or image to the post editor as an affiliate link.


Also, Amazon Reloaded For WordPress provides no formatting for the links or images which makes it easy to integrate them into your post. The plugin fetched the product images remotely hosted by Amazon.

Your affiliate links will continue to work even if the plugin is deactivated as it doesn’t use a shortcode to generate links. The Plugin hasn’t been updated in over 2 years but still works seamlessly as expected. Download Amazon Reloaded For WordPress here…

#2]. ProductWidgets for Amazon Associates

ProductWidgets for Amazon AssociatesThis is another really good WordPress Plugins for Amazon Associates. This plugin can help you monetise your website with intelligent affiliate widgets displaying products that perfectly fit your unique content.

The ProductWidgets plugin automates your affiliate marketing process by analyzing your content and displaying matching affiliate products to your visitors. The whole process is fully automated and happens behind the scenes, so you can focus on creating great content and let ProductWidgets take care of the monetization for you!

Getting started is simple: install the plugin, place a widget shortcode in a post or the sidebar, and products will be displayed immediately. Please note that it might take up to three hours until the products are optimized for your content. Download Amazon Reloaded For WordPress here…

#3]. Amazon Product in a Post Plugin

Amazon Product in a Post PluginThis plugin can help you to quickly add a formatted Amazon Product/Item to a post or page by using just the Amazon product ASIN (also known as the ISBN-10).

This plugin lets you monetize your blog posts with custom Amazon Products and add your own Reviews, descriptions, or any other thing you would normally want to add to a post – and still have the Amazon product there. To use the plugin, you must have two things: 1). an Amazon Affiliate Account, and 2). Amazon Product Advertising API keys.

You can sign up for this on Amazon.com if you do not have them – it is free and easy to set up. Once you have an account, install the plugin, then enter your Amazon Associate ID in the plugin options page. Then enter your API keys. You are now ready to start adding products to your post! Download Amazon Product in a Post Plugin…

#4]. Amazon Link

Amazon LinkThis plugin allows to search for Amazon products within your WordPress dashboard and then insert links based on ASIN. With this plugin, you can quickly add Amazon products links to your WordPress posts and pages. The product links can be simple text links, thumbnail images, full-size images, complex templates or full-blown Amazon flash widgets.

The content of the product links can be statically entered by the Author (when the link is created), or dynamically refreshed when displayed using data from the Amazon site that is most appropriate for the nationality of the reader.

All product links will contain the Amazon affiliate ID of the site author and will be the relevant one for that locale. This allows you to collect a commission on any products purchased through the links. Download Amazon Link here…

#5]. AmazonSimpleAdmin

AmazonSimpleAdminThis plugin lets you easily integrate Amazon products into your WordPress pages. By using the template feature, you can present the products in different styles on different pages. All by typing simple BBCode tags. AmazonSimpleAdmin requires PHP5.


The plugin is easy to use with has Shortcode tags and it also lets you design your own product templates. There are supports for all Amazon Webservice country codes such as CA, CN, DE, ES, FR, EN, IT, JP, UK, US

Features collections. You can define and manage sets of products as a collection and show them on a page with only one BBCode tag or just the latest added product in your sidebar. Download AmazonSimpleAdmin here…


5 Powerful WordPress Plugins for Amazon Associates You Will Ever Need
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