Social media marketing is arguably the best thing ever to happen to internet marketing. It offers businesses the capability to reach millions of people globally.

Social media is so powerful that no serious business can do without it. It is a great platform that connects each and every one of us with our friends, loved ones and the brands we cherish most.

Smart and optimal use of social media marketing can help promote your business better, gain increased visibility and also connect to and get feedback from your customers.

This is why it’s essential to know how to make your social media marketing campaigns successful.

Awesome stuff your business can gain from Social Media Marketing

So what does social media marketing contribute to your business? What positive impacts could social media marketing have on your business?

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These are sorts of the questions some business owners should be able answer after using social media marketing.

What small business owners need to realise is that social media marketing can hugely contribute to their online business success as well as increasing sales triple-fold.

It’s not just about using social media marketing for your business promotion, it’s more about making it work for your business. Below are some awesome stuff social media marketing does right for your business:

#1]. It helps improve business and brand awareness

One thing is certain, social media marketing is great at raising awareness. Some consumer surveys provide ample evidences to support this. Most of the surveys reveal that social media is among the top 3 ways customers become aware of new brands and products. There is another set of consumers that use social media expressly to connect with brands.

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Nowadays, businesses on social media resoundingly agreed that it does a great job at the top of the funnel. Most of the small business owners have been able to generate brand exposure through their social media efforts.

And while brand exposure may be a squishy metric, unique visits to the business website is not. In support of this, various reports have revealed that more than half of the businesses on social media have disclosed that their investments in social media have increased web traffic — a key driver of SEO.

#2]. Social media marketing helps drive direct traffic

Traffic volume and growth matter to the search algorithms that help your customers find your business website on major search engines.

The more traffic your business website get, the more likely your customers will be able to buy from you. This is why social media marketing is one of the most effective ways to get web traffic to a website. Your business’s social media efforts will undeniably raise awareness.

#3]. Social media improves business and customers interactions

Social media also does a bang up job at deepening customer engagements and interactions. Quite lot of consumer reports have revealed that customers are more likely to stay engaged with brands because of social media.

“Smart and optimal use of social media marketing can help promote your business better, gain increased visibility and also connect to and get quality feedback from your customers.”

The fact is that consumers like connecting with brands through social media because it’s a two-way street. They get to listen actively when and where they want to, interact with others like them, and be heard.

See our tips on how startups can extend their business social interactions for social media marketing.

While staying engaged with your customers through social media, you can also use the platform to offer excellent customer support services.

Remember they say “happy customers usually translate to more sales”. When your customers are happy with your business, they will not only buy more, but also introduce new customers to your business.

#4]. Social media contributes to business innovation

Business social media efforts usually raise awareness, deepen engagement, even help the business to innovate. Some studies have revealed that quite lots of businesses have developed new products with the help of their social customers.

Innovation is an integral part of most of the successful businesses as it helps them fight off competition as well as stay ahead in ever competitive market. Where else better to get inspired other than through your social customers feedback and suggestions?

Conclusively on social media

Finally, consumers fully corroborate the value of social media for word of mouth marketing. People are more likely to try new things based on friends’ suggestions because of social media. See our article on essential content marketing and social media marketing tips for small business.

Businesses using social media marketing usually benefit almost instantly as it helps to meet primary business objectives better than most of the other marketing strategies.

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  1. Social media is a platform that has transformed online business marketing and moved it to a new level… It has changed the ways businesses see customers and vice versa

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