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Why It Is Important To Monitor Your Business Social Media Accounts

Adeyemi Adisa By Adeyemi Adisa 6 Min Read

For business owners, monitoring your business’s social media accounts is important, especially, if you really want to make the platform work for your business.

Today’s digital and online marketing era means that businesses can effectively use social media platforms to market and promote their brands.

As a matter of fact, the capability of social media has been stretched. Gone were those days when social media’s primary motives were to network and connect with other users, especially families, and friends.

Nowadays, people are on social media platforms for all sorts of reasons apart from connecting and interacting with families and friends. Small businesses are also on the platforms not only for marketing but also to improve their customer services.

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The fact is that social media was relatively unknown a few years ago. But it is now one of the most popular means of business marketing. No business can toy with social media; it’s so powerful and effective when it comes to improving a brand’s reputation.

You and your business social media accounts

What do you use social media for and how are you using it? Are you selling, marketing, or promoting yourself or your business on social media?

Some business owners are making social media mistakes of confusing their personal accounts with their business social media accounts.

We all know that social media is extremely good, especially, when it comes to business marketing and promotion. But achieving the best results on social media depends entirely on how you use the platform.

As a small business owner, it is important to differentiate your personal social media accounts from the ones you are using for your business marketing.


By doing this, you will be able to brand the social media accounts you use for business marketing, sales offers, and promotion. Also, this will help you to be able to maximize the benefits of social media.

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Online reputation and your business social media accounts

The fact that social media has improved the way businesses interact with their customers is undeniable. But the question is whether your small business is also cashing in from the enormous capabilities of the platform such as the ability to help improve a business’s online reputation.

social media marketing
There is more to social media than Facebook and Twitter

Every business owner should be concerned about their business’s online reputation. It’s very important, especially, in today’s digital age and internet-centric era.

Millions of businesses are massively enjoying the benefits of being on the Internet. Are you also using the Internet to improve your brand reputation?

Do you know why it’s important for brands to properly manage their online reputation? Check out our article on how businesses can keep customers happy for word-of-mouth marketing and brand reputation.

If you care at all about your business online reputation, you should be monitoring your social media accounts as well as your brand name in search results. For business owners, your business reputation determines how fast and how big your business is growing online.

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Brand reputation is too important an issue to overlook. Check out one of our previous articles on how business can manage their online reputation with ease.

Why you should monitor your social media accounts

As previously mentioned, monitoring your social media accounts is as important as using them. You should try as much as possible to ensure that you don’t get consumed by the quest for success in your social media marketing efforts and then forget to monitor what’s happening on your social media accounts.

When people open a social media account for their business, they don’t only use the account to post updates and for business marketing, they also use it for promotional offers. But what some usually forget is their accounts monitoring.

By watching what’s happening you’ll be able to see what sorts of results you are getting and you’ll be able to quickly deal with questions and complaints in the nick of time.

You should remember that it is easy for customers to use social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to make complaints about a company.


There was a popular case of a British Airways customer who used Twitter to complain about how the airline treated him. This particular tweet went viral and must have had some negative impacts on the airline’s reputation.

Yes, monitoring social media accounts can be stressful but it presents a good opportunity to show your customers what your customer service skills are made of.

This is why you have to be sure that you or one of your staff members (or even an agency that offers this as a service) is continually monitoring your social marketing accounts.


Why It Is Important To Monitor Your Business Social Media Accounts
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