If you are a smoker, you might have probably heard one or two people, either your friend or family, telling you to give up smoking.

But do you actually know why giving up smoking is good or your health? Do you know the benefits of giving up smoking?

No doubt about it, giving up smoking is one of the best moves to make if you want to live a healthy life.

But do you know why? It’s because smoking is one of the biggest preventable causes of premature death in Western world.

In short, smoking is like taking a poison that slowly kills. It’s linked to a range of serious and often fatal conditions; including heart disease and lung cancer.

Why Giving Up Smoking Is Good For Your Health

Why should give up smoking nowThere are quite lot of benefits of giving up smoking.

No matter what your age or how long you’ve been smoking, almost as soon as you quit, the health benefits begin.

Are you under 35? If you stop now, it’s likely you’ll live just as long as a non-smoker.

And even if you are between 65 and 74, give up smoking and you’ll have a better life expectancy beyond 75 than those who continue to smoke.

Below are other benefits you will gain from giving up smoking:

#1). Younger Looking Skin & Live Longer

Younger Looking Skin & Live Longer
It has been found that stopping smoking slows facial ageing and can delay the appearance of wrinkles. The skin of a non-smoker gets the nutrients it needs to keep you looking fit and healthy.

Half of all long-term smokers die prematurely from smoking-related diseases. This includes heart disease, lung cancer and chronic bronchitis.

Men who quit smoking by 30 can add 10 years to their life. It’s never too late to give up!

#2). Better Breathing & Whiter Teeth

Better Breathing & Whiter Teeth
Within nine months of giving up smoking, your lung capacity improves by up to 10%. This means you can breathe more easily and will cough less.

Also, giving up tobacco stops your teeth becoming stained, as well as giving you fresher breath.

#3). Less Stress, Improved Fertility

Less Stress, Improved Fertility
Scientific studies show that people’s stress levels are lower after they stop smoking. The increased levels of oxygen in the body also means that ex-smokers can concentrate better and have improved mental wellbeing.

Furthermore, various researches and studies have shown that non-smokers have improved fertility levels and a higher chance of having a healthy pregnancy and baby.

#4). More Energy

More Energy
Your circulation improves within 2 to 12 weeks of stopping smoking. This means that all types of physical activity, including walking and running, become much easier.

#5). Healthier Loved Ones

Healthier Loved Ones
By stopping smoking you will be protecting the health and wellbeing of your family and friends. Passive smoking increases a non-smoker’s risk of heart disease, lung cancer, and stroke.



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  1. These are all great reasons you should give up smoking for your health. The most important in my eyes is the fact that it is better for your teeth. Smoking makes your teeth weak and yellow and let’s face it, no one wants yellow teeth.

  2. Yes you are right, smoking does more harms to human body than the smokers are aware of. The capitalists behind cigarette industry are pumping more money in advertisements to make them available almost every corner of our streets.


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