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Which Industries Stand to Benefit the Most from Effective Marketing?

Anthony Williams By Anthony Williams 4 Min Read
Which Industries Stand to Benefit the Most from Effective Marketing?
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The world of marketing has been transformed almost beyond recognition over the last few decades. However, which of the industries stand to benefit the most from effective marketing?

Sophisticated, targeted and data-driven, marketing allows firms to send the right message to the right people. Just about every sector of the economy has benefited from these advances – but not all of them in the same way.

So how has modern, effective marketing lent a hand? And are there any types of business which might prefer to focus on more traditional methods like flyers?

Target marketing works like magic

Blogging is a very powerful and effective SEO technique that can help bring in traffic from a broad range of sources. This is where legal firms are at an advantage.

Google is constantly assailed by requests for legal answers, and legal firms have the expertise necessary to provide them. They can thereby catapult themselves to the top of the search results.

Legal practices might benefit especially from follow-up marketing campaigns. This analyses the various avenues and determines which is bringing in the most custom. This data can be obtained through the right technology.

Modern call-tracking software will allow a legal firm to not only link their digital marketing efforts to their online sales, but to their phone sales, too.

Car Dealerships

Similarly, auto dealerships have a wealth of expertise to provide to confused motorists. But the motoring industry also benefits from the targeted nature of online marketing.


Car retailers can use target marketing to improve sales rather than presenting customers with a broad range of options. They can target exactly the sorts of car that a particular customer is statistically most likely to find compelling.


People are constantly offered a stream of information about the sorts of entertainment they would like to receive. This means that the entertainment industry also benefits from targeted marketing.

In fact, the entertainment industry arguably benefits even more than the motoring industry when it comes to targeted marketing.

Just think about the ‘recommended’ items that your Netflix or Amazon subscription bombards you with. Even the thumbnail a given Netflix show presents to you is informed by your data.


Nowadays, high-class restaurants are aspirational places. And a good restaurant will have its customers market the food by whipping out their smartphones and spontaneously uploading a deconstructed cheesecake to Instagram.

Restaurants might also benefit from targeted marketing in your Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp conversation. Just imagine a discussion about potential restaurants for the evening which is interrupted by a set of free coupons. Such intrusions would be forgiven by customers thanks to their relevance.


Local takeaways are a classic example of a firm whose target market is defined almost exclusively by geography.

A Chinese takeaway might find customers only on a specific estate – and casting a wider net would largely be a waste of time.

For such businesses, the best approach remains to put a menu through the door.


Which Industries Stand to Benefit the Most from Effective Marketing?
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