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WhatsApp Messenger Free Calls And SMS App is arguably the simplest and best mobile messaging application.

The application’s cross-platform (true cross-platform that they literally have an app for every phone even Symbian phones) has contributed immensely to its popularity amongst other mobile messaging applications.

From North America to Europe, Africa, South America, and far East Asia, WhatsApp Messenger Free Calls And SMS App dominate the world of mobile messaging applications.

WhatsApp Messenger

With the emergence of smartphones and mobile internet, social networking tools and mobile messaging applications such as WhatsApp are ranked as the most popular among young people, that has an overpowering urge to stay connected at all times.

Why WhatsApp Messenger Free Calls & SMS?

No doubt about it, mobile messaging applications like WhatsApp have fundamentally changed the way we work, think and play. They have revolutionized communication across boundaries, both national and personal.

This mobile messaging application is one of the most downloaded and actively used mobile applications. This cross-platform messaging app is so popular that it has more than 250 million monthly active users, as reported Wall Street Journal.

Apart from photos, you can also share locations, have fun with the smiles and so many other messaging experiences on WhatsApp. It really is the best option if you want to communicate with people on Android and Blackberry through a single application.

You can argue with Apple iMessage and Google talk, it’s not the only option for communicating with other people but it sure makes things simple, plus it’s so popular that everyone’s got it nowadays.


With WhatsApp, it will be easier to connect with your friends and family in the form of free text messages.

How WhatsApp Messenger works

WhatsApp Messenger allows you to exchange messages without having to pay for SMS. WhatsApp Messenger is available for iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone, and Nokia and yes, those phones can all message each other!

Because WhatsApp Messenger uses the same internet data plan that you use for email and web browsing, there is no cost to message and stay in touch with your friends. In addition to basic messaging WhatsApp users can create groups, send each other unlimited images, video, and audio media messages.

Is WhatsApp Messenger Free?

No, WhatsApp is not absolutely free. According to WhatsApp official website:

  • For Apple iPhone there is only a one-time charge when you first download the app. Apple lets you re-download WhatsApp for free, as many times as you need. Please remember to use the same AppleID each time.
  • For all other phone types, WhatsApp is free to download and try for the first year. After which, you have the option of subscribing to an additional year of service at just $0.99 USD.
  • Subscriptions are cumulative, so if you pay for an additional year of service, it will add to your current subscription or free year-long trial. There is no difference between the free and paid versions of WhatsApp other than the length of service.

You can read more about it on WhatsApp official website.

Where To Download WhatsApp for Free?

As you can see, you can download WhatsApp for free on Google Play Store for Android or Symbian-powered Nokia phones but you have to pay it for the recurring year.

This is an ideal situation for both WhatsApp users and the company itself where there will be no advertisements shown on the user interface.

WhatsApp Supported Devices For Free Download

List of supported Nokia Symbian devices:

Nokia C3-00 · Nokia C3-01 · Nokia X2-01 · Nokia X3-02 · Nokia X2-00
Nokia Asha: 201 · 206 Single Sim · 300 · 302 · 303 · 306 · 308 · 309 · 310 · 311

WhatsApp Messenger is available for download on Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, Windows Phone, and Nokia.

Remember on the iPhone, you only have to pay $0.99 USD one-time to enjoy a smooth messaging experience with WhatsApp.



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