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New to Blogging? 5 Things New Bloggers Should Never Do

Adeyemi Adisa By Adeyemi Adisa 10 Min Read

Are you new to blogging and don’t know where to start? Trust me, you are not alone because new bloggers normally struggle to get going or find their feet.

As a new blogger, you will discover that blogging can be really exciting and a little nervous. Also, depending on how serious you are, blogging could be a really good source of passive income for you or a full-time job.

However, one thing you should know is that there is more to blogging than just posting new content. As a new blogger, you have to do more than just posting content – such as marketing and networking – in order to grow your blog.

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So, if you are new to blogging and you want to start your own blog, there are lots of stuff to learn. As a new blogger, you’ll need to learn how to start a profitable blogging business with zero experience.

What New Bloggers Should Never Do

Blogging offers you a great way to be and express yourself. It gives you the opportunity to communicate your ideas, establish and connect with like-minded people across the globe.

Blogging is no longer a hobby and if you have to treat it as an online business. But are you planning to become a successful self-employed blogger? Do you know how to run blogging as a business?

You have to bear in mind that turning blogging into a full-time job is not always as straightforward as you think. Below are certain things you should never do as a new blogger if truly you want to run a successful blog.

#1]. Never try to be someone else

When you blog, you can easily establish yourself as a brand. This is because blogging gives you a platform to express yourself and a platform to give you a voice. However, you have to stay true to yourself if you want to make it as a blogger.

Writing about what you know or passionate about is one of the best ways to establish yourself as a blogger. This is why you have to be specific and focused; if you want to write about entrepreneurship and small businesses, let it be that.


It’s one of the best ways to successfully create a blog that you’re proud of. Remember that people will visit your website because of the great and authentic content you create. People will come back if your content appeals to them in some way.

#2]. Never steal or scrape people’s content

They say stealing is bad and yes, it is! When it comes to blogging, stealing or scrapping other bloggers’ content is called “plagiarism, and it’s immoral. Please, do not do it under whatever circumstances!

How well are you running your blog?

There is nothing bad about being inspired by other bloggers’ content or article. However, that doesn’t mean you should copy and paste their work as yours on your blog. It’s not just about citing your sources or link back to the original source, it’s about you being original.

It’s okay to use someone else’s content like video clips and images, however, be sure to give them credit. Scrapping other bloggers’ content will kill your blogging business because you won’t last long in the game.

Google hates content scrapping, and it can blacklist your blog once you’re caught. Also, blacklisting your blog means you will not be able to monetize your blog. This is because no advertisers will want to advertise on a blacklisted blog.

#3]. Never expect results overnight

To be successful at whatever you do sometimes takes time and patience. The same thing applies to blogging, you should be aware of the fact that success takes time in blogging.

As a new blogger, you must understand that there is more to blogging than just posting new content. It means bloggers don’t only blog and post new content, they are also expected to market their blog to drive web traffic to their blog.

However, don’t expect results overnight because this process, unfortunately, takes time to materialize. You have to understand the fact that blogging is all about learning, growing, and improving. So, keep on learning and be consistent about it!

#4]. Never ignore social media

No doubt about it, social media has become a part of our daily life and as a new blogger, you should never take it lightly. This is because social media platform is where almost every internet user goes for trending news and events.

Like I said earlier, there is more to blogging than just posting new content. It’s not just only about the great content, but also about marketing your blog. In essence, you can post great content but it’s of no good if people don’t see or read your content.

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As a matter of fact, no serious blogger will overlook the importance of social media nowadays. This is why using social media to promote your blog is essential if you truly want to be successful at what you are doing.


Major social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, and even Tumblr, are there for you to market your blog. However, it’s not just about sharing your content, but also about establishing yourself as a reliable source of information. You can easily achieve this by sharing other bloggers’ content too!

Take the advantage of social media to grow your following and fanbase. The more followers you have, the better opportunity for you to get more page views. However, building an audience takes time. Therefore, don’t expect to gain many followers within a few weeks.

#5]. Never take your audience for granted

The audience is the mainstay of any successful blogger and their blogs. This is why you should never take your audience for granted at any point in time. As a matter of fact, you have to always try your best to keep them coming back to read your content.

The main goal of every blogger is to build a community of readers that will be faithfully following your blog. However long or quick it may take you to build your audience, it’s important to always create valuable content your audience will love to read and share.

are you new to blogging?

Furthermore, make sure that you allow comments on your sites to give your audience the opportunity to engage with your content. There’re blogs where readers are not allowed to comment and I don’t think this is a good strategy, especially, for a new blogger to adopt.

#6]. Never buy web traffic

Buying web traffic is somewhat tempting for new bloggers because they want to quickly grow their blog. However, don’t be fooled, it’s not the best way to grow your blog. Rather, you should spend more time creating great content to attract people to your blog.

To simply put it, buying traffic is bad and fraudulent in every sense. Initially, you may notice changes in the traffic to your blog. However, in the end, it doesn’t really add any value to your blog because it is not organic traffic. It’s advisable to work more on your blog’s SEO rather than buying traffic.

This is because SEO is the best way to organically drive web traffic to your blog. Luckily, there are some great SEO audit tools out there that you can use to constantly analyze your website. These SEO tools can help you review, understand and quickly fix any SEO errors affecting your blog’s organic traffic.

Also, in most cases, buying traffic is dangerous and it can actually kill your blog when you get caught. The fact is that Google and advertisers love organic traffic. Just like stealing or scrapping other bloggers’ content, buying traffic can get your blog blacklisted by advertisers.



5 Things New Bloggers Should Never Do
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