WeChat messaging app is a popular social messaging app used by millions of smartphone users to communicate with each other.

WeChat is a free text, voice messages, and video calls app for Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, Blackberry, PC and Mac.

With over 300 million users around the world, WeChat is one of the most popular messaging apps you can download.

Just like other popular messaging apps such as Kik, Viber, Line messenger and WhatsApp, WeChat messaging app enables users to send not just text but also, photos, voice and even videos.

The app also offers group chat and the chance that one can find an old friend on the platform is really high.

Currently, there are over 310 million people using WeChat and the number is still growing.

WeChat messaging app

WeChat Messaging App?

WeChat turns out to be an app that is much more popular on mobile devices but the fact is chatting on a mobile device is not as comfortable as chatting on a PC.

No matter how powerful those smartphones become, the reality is, for the sake of making sure they remain portable, their screen cannot extended beyond a certain length.

The awesome thing about WeChat is that it’s also a cross-platform application which means that it can be used on a PC, android phone, Apple OS phone, Windows phone etc.

WeChat Messaging App Features

  • Live Chat: Chat with friends in a Live Chat session
  • Group Chat QR Code: Invite your friends to a WeChat group chat via QR code
  • Chat History Backup: Back up your chat history and restore it to your new device
  • Video Call: Allows you to talk to your friends face to face
  • Press camera to share photos with your friends
  • Look Around: Helps you find people using WeChat nearby
  • Facebook Connect: Helps you log in with your Facebook account
  • Voice Chat
  • Emoticons

WeChat Supported Devices

WeChat Messaging App is available for download on Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, Windows Phone e.t.c. Below are direct links to WeChat downloads:

Download WeChat Messaging App for Android here…

Download WeChat Messaging App for Blackberry here…

Download WeChat Messaging App for Apple iOS here…

Download WeChat Messaging App for Windows Phone here…

Download WeChat Messaging App for Nokia…

WeChat Messenger desktop version

You can stay in touch with your friends, whenever and wherever you are. Use WeChat on your smartphone while on the move, or from your desktop (Windows, Mac OS X) while in the office or at home.

Download WeChat Messaging App for PC here…

Download WeChat Messaging App for Mac here…

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