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7 Website Design Tricks For Dental and Medical Practices

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Big thanks to modern technology, the business world is changing. Gone were days when customers would have to travel miles to do their shopping.

Nowadays, you can easily do your shopping at home on your computer or on the move via your smartphone. The Internet has had some game-changing effects on the ways business is run today.

With responsive webdesign, people can now easily access any website on the go, and users experience is also getting better. Every small business owner needs a website to be able to sell their services and products online.

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Businesses Need A Website

Whatever you are selling, having a website for your small business or startup is now an essential requirement if you want people to take your business seriously.

Having a website can give you an edge and put you in a better position to compete well in an ever-growing and highly competitive market.

Best Website Design Tricks

For anyone running a medical or dental practice, you know that getting new patients is essential, as is keeping the old ones.

Your office’s website has become one of the key ways to keep your patients informed and to show off your business, but just having a nifty website isn’t enough.

Luckily, there are some really good web publishing platforms and tools for small businesses out there that you can use to power your site. Below are certain website design tricks to use to make your site more visible and more engaging.

#1]. Full Information

If a patient is going to your website to find out more about your office or a procedure, then you want that patient to get all of the information he or she needs.


People now tend to use web pages instead of calling to get appointment times or find other facts, so having pages that give some vague answer and then say to call the office isn’t going to cut it.

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When you design your website, put all your office’s information on it. Not just the hours and location, but also the types of services offered, the insurance plans accepted, and even descriptions of the procedures someone might undergo.

Give people a reason to stay on the page; don’t chase them away by insisting they have to call to get information.

#2]. Real Photos

Web-savvy people know what stock photos look like, and those stock photos can be kind of deceptive because they don’t represent your real office.

Have a professional photographer come in and shoot photos of various parts of the office. Have the photographer take more photos than you think you need. You can store the photos and add more to the website as needed or when you want to redesign a page.

#3]. Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimization is still going strong; it’s simply changed over the past several years. No longer do you need to do keyword stuffing where every sentence, it seems, has some awkwardly phrased keyword shoved in for searching’s sake?

Now you need to write content normally, but you still need to add keywords in strategic locations. These keywords help search engines find your website and return it to the searcher as a result.

The better your keyword usage and content, the more likely it is that your site will show up when someone searches for dentists or doctors in your area. If you don’t have optimal SEO keywords, it’s going to be harder for anyone to know your office is open.

When it comes to more complicated tasks such as search engine optimisation, you can ask specialised agencies such as Solution21 for help. They provide website design as well as SEO services to medical and dental professionals.

#4]. Compatible with other Browsers

There is nothing more frustrating to a web user than to go to a website to find a message telling them to switch browsers.

It’s easy to optimize your website for one or two major browsers, but if you get someone who uses another browser — and there are quite a few, many of which are commonly used — the last thing they want to do is copy your site’s URL and open another program.


Optimize your site so it works with more than two browsers. Instead of optimizing just for Firefox or Chrome, for example, optimize so that users of Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, and others can view the site without a problem. You’ll likely find more people staying on the page if you do that.

#5]. Blogs That Contain Specific Info

Add a blog section to your website and describe different procedures, studies, tips for keeping X part of a body healthy, and so on.

Don’t place fluff there with a message to call the office for more information. You can certainly suggest patients call for more information, but make the rest of the text helpful.

Imagine your patient is searching for information on fillings at 2 a.m. Would you really want them to have to wait several hours for the office to open so they could call, or would you rather they found the information they needed right then and there?

#6]. Distilled Information

At the same time, you want to ensure the information is easy to understand. Don’t stuff the blogs with medical or dental jargon.

Explain everything so that the patient feels more educated, rather than making the patient feel like he or she has hit an impenetrable wall of text.

#7]. User Options

One more design trick is to allow the user to exercise options on the site. No auto-play videos or audio please — give the user the ability to start the video or audio when he or she is ready.

Don’t have pop-up windows festooning the site; just offer the user the option of checking out different things. Designing a website doesn’t have to be difficult.

Placing your website in the hands of a knowledgeable SEO and design company can go a long way toward making your site one of the most visible and memorable.

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