Few Things You Should Let Go To Live A Healthy And Worry-free Life

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are you worried?

How do you live a healthy and worry-free life in this fast-spinning world? At times, life throws all sorts of stuff at us, be it good or bad, to test our strength and resilience.

Some things happened and they will make you a better person. Some people were able to weather the storm while some couldn’t just make it see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Life could be extremely tough at times, and it also could be really good. When things are going perfectly and accordingly, life is sweet and worthy of living.

But when life throws the other side of the coin, we find life extremely hard to live and wanting to let it all go.

Want to live a healthy and worry-free life?

Depending on the situation we find ourselves in, life can become so unfriendly that we will be thinking of ending it all. Some people ended up in hospital as a result of the difficult situation they find themselves while some just couldn’t stand it.

Below are just a few things you should never try to hold on to when things go wrong because the longer you try to make them work the worse they usually become.

#1]. Relationship

A relationship is unconditional and not one-way traffic; it requires the efforts of both of you. A relationship is really sweet and good when there are love and proper understanding between the two of you.

Good relationships can help you live a worry-free life

The moments you discovered that things aren’t just working the way they should be, don’t make yourself a “slave” by trying to make it work.


Yes, it is good to try to make a relationship work but after giving it a try once or twice, the next thing to do should be to let go.

Don’t try to be in a relationship on a condition because you can never succeed in changing people if they are not ready to change themselves.

Also, it is unwise to hold on to a relationship that doesn’t work because it can cause nervous breakdown which may result in a more severe problem health-wise.

#2]. Employment

Nothing is as good as having a good job that pays for all your wants as well as needs. Not many of us are that so lucky to have such a job that gives us more than enough in our saving at the end of the month.

a change of environment could help you live a worry-free life

Some people are really fortunate to land their dream jobs while some are not so lucky.

So if you are one of the lucky ones, I say congrats! But whatever your job and your position are, there are times when things just don’t go as expected even with people in those so-called “better paid” jobs.

When you start having problems at work, no matter the nature of the problems, one of the things you should consider is whether you need a change of environment.

#3]. Lifestyle

Most of us like to live life to the fullest, after all, there is only one life and it’s too short to spend it miserably.

Stop binge drinking to live a worry-free life

Some people enjoy luxury while some just want to keep it simple.

If you are the type that lives for the weekends, clubbing and partying; the type that spends heavily on binge drink, I guess it’s time to have some kind of second thoughts.


Yes, it is good to live your life to the fullest but the fact remains that you might end up regretting your actions forever if you are not that very carefully.

#4]. Wealth, materials

I was once told that life is nothing the moments you had your last breath. So, if you’re having debt problems, get on your two feet to face the problems.

Never try to cling on what you should let go

Get rid of the material life you are living and sell whatever you can to raise money to service your debts.

A quite significant number of people have intentionally killed themselves as a result of debts or some kind of financial difficulties.

Yes, we are all human being; we don’t usually like it to end especially when the situation is sweet and very good. But the moments there is a little problem, most importantly money problem, then we think of the “unthinkable”.

No matter how small or big your financial problem is, I personally don’t think it is worthy of killing yourself. Killing yourself over some debts can only make you a coward; somebody that lacks the courage to endure the unpleasant situation you find yourself.

Think about your beautiful family; your wife, your husband and your children, your mum and dad, your brothers and sisters as well as your friends. They all worth more than your debt!

to be continued…


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