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Best Virtual Cloud Desktop Solutions For Small Businesses & Young Entrepreneurs

Anthony Williams By Anthony Williams 6 Min Read

Modern technology has simplified so many things for young entrepreneurs and small business owners. Nowadays, entrepreneurs can run their businesses from anywhere in the world and with ease.

Not only that, but modern technology has also made business marketing so much easier nowadays. Young entrepreneurs can now pitch their startups with little budget.

Gone were days when businesses would have to spend a fortune to market their products and services.

But today, the internet has created an avenue for businesses to reach millions of potential clients. It means there is no need for young entrepreneurs to spend a fortune in order to market their business.

What’s Virtual Cloud Desktop?

Virtual Cloud Desktop is a powerful modern technology that lets you work from anywhere and at anytime via the internet. The technology helps to simplify desktop and application virtualization.

Run Windows desktops and applications anywhere and scale quickly to meet changing business needs. Virtual Cloud Desktop is more than just accessing computer files remotely. It lets you access an entire computer system remotely from any device.

This means that the entire PC system is sitting inside the Cloud. Also, you can safeguard your sensitive corporate resources with a desktop and application virtualization solution.

Best Virtual Cloud Desktop Solutions

Virtual Cloud Desktop is one of the best solutions for young entrepreneurs. With this, no need to transport your laptop with you anymore; your computer is in the Cloud and accessible from anywhere.

No matter where you are or what device you are using, you can log on to the Cloud Desktop and access your computer. This is particularly useful as most entrepreneurs are always on the move and need access to their system.


Every company offering Virtual Cloud Desktop Solutions out there claims to offer the best services. But how true are those claims? Below is a list of

#1]. Apps4Rent cloud sharepoint

Try Apps4Rent
TryApps4Rent, it offers useful technologies you will love

Apps4Rent is one of the fastest growing providers of Microsoft Hosted Exchange2007 and Microsoft SharePoint Hosting Services 3.0. The company offers hosted apps that include SharePoint Hosting Services, SharePoint Foundation, Project Server 2010, and more.

This service is designed specifically for small businesses and young entrepreneurs. It hosts essential applications that modern businesses need so that you can be more productive from anywhere, and on any device.

#2]. OVH virtual cloud desktop

Try OVH cloud desktop solution
OVH offers a robust cloud desktop solution you can access any device

You can also try OVH if you are looking for a powerful virtual cloud desktop solutions that let you work anywhere. This means that your workspace and applications are always available for you to access and use. OVH gives you access to a Windows environment with all the pre-installed mainstream applications such as Windows licence, LibreOffice, Adobe Acrobat Reader, etc. It lets you access virtual desktop facilities from any browser, any terminal, and operating system anywhere.

#3]. Amazon WorkSpaces Virtual cloud desktop

Try Amazon WorkSpaces offers easy-to-manage virtual desktop computing infrastructure
Amazon WorkSpaces offers easy-to-manage virtual desktop computing infrastructure

This is another powerful virtual cloud desktop that offers a fully managed, secure Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) solution that runs on AWS. Amazon WorkSpaces enables you to provide virtual, cloud-based Microsoft Windows desktops for your users.

This means you can provide users access to the documents, applications, and resources they need, anywhere, anytime, from any supported device. With Amazon WorkSpaces, you pay either monthly or hourly, which helps you save money when compared to other solutions.

#4].Dizzion virtual cloud desktop

Try Dizzion
Dizzion delivers fully-managed virtual desktops and application streaming to end users

Are you looking for an all-inclusive, fully-managed virtual desktop? Try Dizzion, it features powerful operating system, virtualization software, antimalware, backups, patching, updates and expert supports. Their cloud desktops enable businesses to deliver the performance and flexibility users expect while maintaining security and control over corporate data.

#5]. HostedDesktopuk virtual desktop

Try Hosted Desktop UK offers infrastructure built upon high-grade servers for maximum performance
Hosted Desktop UK offers infrastructure built upon high-grade servers for maximum performance

One of the leading UK providers of hosted desktops, Hosted Desktop UK offers specialist knowledge of the professional sectors. Their virtual desktop infrastructures allow you to work from anywhere in the world at any time. It enables remote working with constant access to all your data and applications, safe in the knowledge that your files are secure and backed up with excellent IT support available.

#6]. CloudMyOffice virtual desktop

Try CloudMyOffice offers easy-to-manage virtual desktops
CloudMyOffice offers easy-to-manage virtual desktops configured to your exact specifications

This is another virtual desktop solution that is 100% customizable. With CloudMyOffice, you can easily add users and software licenses, especially through their web-based admin panel. This is an easy-to-manage cloud desktop infrastructure where you only pay for the resources and licenses that you need.


Best Virtual Cloud Desktop Solutions For Small Businesses
PIN IT: Best Virtual Cloud Desktop Solutions For Small Businesses & Young Entrepreneurs
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  • I had no idea that Hosted Desktop allowed you to work from anywhere in the world at any time. I have been thinking about working more remotely for my job. I will make sure to keep this information in mind as I search for the right app for me.

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