No doubt about it, YouTube is the #1 destination when it comes to watching video clips online.

The platform, which began like child play, is one of the world’s most most visited websites today.

YouTube is not just a website; it’s a platform and an online community for video enthusiasts. It’s a medium to entertain, educate, discover and learn new things.

YouTube advertising is one of the best social media advertising platforms for business marketing.

Most of the contents on YouTube has been uploaded by individuals, but popular media corporations including CBS, the BBC, Vevo, Hulu, and other organisations are now offering some of their materials via YouTube, as part of the YouTube partnership program.

People are also using the platform to stream such contents as full movies or documentaries. It is the most popular way to get your videos to the people that matter to you.

YouTube advertising

Why online video marketing?

Online video marketing is becoming one of the most effective means of business marketing today and no platform can do the job better than YouTube advertising.

As the number one destination for short and long video clips, YouTube advertising can help you deliver your message to the right people at the right time with video ads.

With online video quickly becoming a key means for people to satisfy their information and entertainment needs, small businesses that fail to include it in their internet marketing strategies will do so at their peril.

While there are many many examples of businesses using video towards marketing and sales goals, the majority of small businesses are either still ignoring video or just getting started with video in 2015.

So, will your small business also benefit from online video marketing? Does your business fall into the just-getting-started category?

Video marketing and YouTube advertising

Video is the future of content marketing. Various studies have shown more than half of the major brands are already making use of the medium – a figure that’s predicted to rise as more and more realise the possibilities.

Why should you be using online video marketing to promote your business? YouTube gets over 1 billion views per day, which means that if YouTube was a search engine, it would be the #2 largest, nearly 2X bigger than Bing and Yahoo search combined, and roughly a third the size of!

With YouTube being increasingly viewed as the place where pop culture happens, its advertising potential continues to grow exponentially.

YouTube advertising potential is massive – online video advertising is likely the way to go for advertisers that want to further their reach into the massive (and still very much untapped) YouTube advertising realm.

YouTube advertising options

social media advertising, YouTubeYouTube advertising offers four options that show up across devices. Your customers are on the go.

Whether they’re on a smartphone, tablet or computer your video ads can reach them. 25% of all YouTube views originate from a mobile device.

#1]. Display ads on YouTube

YouTube Advertising Display Ads exist within the greater Google Display Network. Display ads let your ads appear alongside related YouTube videos, or as pop-ups within YouTube videos.

#2]. Standard banner ad

These are just like the regular Google AdSense Ads, available as standard banner ads and rich media ads.

You can use topic categories and keywords to specify where you want these banner ads to appear. Bright, colourful images that will grab the eye are best practice.

#3]. In-video overlay ads

In-video overlay ads appear as pop-ups within existing contextually targeted videos that are targeted by selected queries.

Skippable video ads that can be inserted before, in the middle or after a video and non-skippable ads that must be viewed before the video is shown. Destination URLs within in-video ads can go to locations outside of YouTube.

YouTube at a glance

  • Monthly active users
    Over 1bn users are actively using YouTube every month
  • Average cost of advertising — cost per impressions (CPM)*
    What it cost averagely to advertise on YouTube as per impressions has not been confirmed yet
  • Percentage of users who log in daily
    There is no confirmed figures of users that are logged in while using the platform yet
  • Percentage of platform users who are millennial
    About 82% of YouTube users are 18-29 year old. This makes the platform a goldmine for advertisers targeting young people.
  • Pros of YouTube advertising
    YouTube videos tends to hold users’ attention for a long time as people can spend hours watching videos. It’s a familiar advertising medium, very similar to creating material for TV.
  • Cons of YouTube advertising
    Viewers do not like pre-roll adverts and often skip them. Brands cannot request a specific slot, so there is a risk the ad will be playing just before something unpleasant.

. . . . . . . .
* CPM can vary greatly according to different campaigns. Figures should be considered indicative only.
Data sources: eMarketer; InSites Consulting; Pew Research Centre; Maija Palmer.


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  1. YouTube will always be right there at the top when it comes to video content and the early businesses start using it for promotion and marketing, the best for them.


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