How do you effectively use unique content to build natural backlink? Do you still think that link building is as relevant as it used to be?

Content plays a major factor in driving web traffic to your site. Without unique content, there is no reason whatsoever to expect people to visit your website.

This is why content is regarded as a unique means through which you can differentiate yourself from your competitors and keep visitors interested.

But content also plays an important role in supporting your SEO and link building efforts. Simply put, content can effectively help you boost your website rankings on major search engines!

SEO and links building

Link building is an important part of SEO. If you publish interesting articles on your website, it is more likely that other websites will start linking to your article.

Other than exchanging links, this is a more natural way of building links. Link building does not only boost your ranking in search engines, it will also attract visitors from other websites to your website.

What do you gain from quality content and natural link building?

So many positive things for you to gain from creating quality content, and most especially, the main advantage is the fact that it encourages visitors to return to your website.

“Never underestimate the benefit of valuable content, they don’t have a sell-by date.”

Offering relevant and quality content is the first step in building a relationship with your visitors. This is what makes you become a trusted source in your industry.

Quality content is what keep people coming back to your site. Another advantage is that other relevant websites in the industry are more likely to start linking to your website if they find your content quality and highly valuable.

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To cap it all, Google rewards unique and innovative content with better rankings in the search results. This means that you will boost your rankings in the search engines on relevant keywords which appear in your content.

Marketing and promoting your unique content to a wider audience

Attract Quality Backlinks To Your WebsiteGetting your content or website found online could be really challenging, especially if you are relatively new to how things work. So how do you market your unique content to a wider audience? How do you get maximum exposure for your quality content?

First of all, you have to build a good online reputation for yourself or your business in order to easily get your content found on major search engines.

This is why it’s important that you market your content to relevant audience. This will go a long way to help you create a good backlink profile for better exposure.

In other words, it’s essential that you market your content and motivate other webmasters to pick up your content a little.

Below are some tips on how to promote your content to a relevant audience via press releases, social media and building relationships with other webmasters.

#1]. Publish press releases

Press releases are marketing weapons you can easily tap into for maximum exposure. You can use press release portals to spread the message and promote your content with ease. There are both paid (premium) press release distribution platforms as well as free alternative portals. Do your homework well, you can easily get better options out there.

To ensure maximum exposure of your content, make sure your content is unique, relevant and highly informative. Also, don’t forget to throw in facts and figures. You can also reference credible local or international news sources to authenticate your content.

Don’t just write about anything, write about something that is relevant and probably trending. This will increase the chance that your content will be picked up by popular sites.

#2]. Spread the news and interact on social media

Social media has proved to be one of the most important means of marketing through which businesses can reach millions of potential customers. But the question is how well are you using social media for your business marketing? It’s not just about having your business on the platform, it’s also about actively using it.

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After creating that awesome content, the best thing is to use your social media profiles to spread the “good news” about your content. You need to let people know about your content, and there is no better cheaper way of doing this than through the social media.

“Social media is like a marathon not a sprint, don’t expect some instant results”

Social media will drive traffic to your website directly but it also has an indirect effect on webmasters who might decide to link to your content.

Spread the news, share your unique content with the community. Think ‘out of the box’ and create captivating teaser text for your Twitter profile updates. Make sure your tweets stand out of the crowd, and it also explains in only a few words what the content is about.

#3]. Build relevant internal links

Great content really helps in attracting back links, it’s one of the major elements of SEO strategy. Part of that strategy is also about internal linking. It helps the other pages of your website to contribute value toward your new page. But in order to create lots of good internal links, you have to have lots of internal pages.

“The best way to a killer internal linking strategy is to have a killer content marketing strategy”

The fact is that link building is not just about external links. If you really want to rank your website pages better on Google and other search engines, you will have to also build internal links.

By building relevant internal links in your content, you are increasing the value of those pages you are linking.

Internal links are usually evaluated differently than external anchor text. This means you can use exact match and keyword-rich anchors when linking internally.

Meanwhile, be aware that the best way to a killer internal linking strategy is to have a killer content marketing strategy. Internal link building helps not only the search engines to crawl your website better, it also helps to improve page visibility on search engines. But make sure you always ask yourself if the links are relevant for your visitors.

#4]. Contact other “like-minded” webmasters

Also, you can effectively use unique content for natural link building by directly contacting other webmasters in your niche to check out your awesome content. You can use this to motivate them to link to content on your website. However, always make sure that you always sound authentic and original so that you won’t appear like a spammer trying to spam them.

Also, always keep your Unique Selling Points in mind. Why should other websites link to your website? What makes your content stand out from the crowd? Try to answer the questions you would ask other websites as well.

Additionally, try to build relationships with other webmasters in your industry or connect with them on relevant industry events. Avoid approaching dozens of websites with a standard email but try to connect with other webmasters on a personal level instead.

#5]. Vary with relevant anchor texts

Anchor text, also known as link text, is the clickable text of a hyperlink. Using descriptive keywords in your anchor texts helps both visitors and search engines to get an idea about the page you are linking to. Try to avoid using the same keywords in each anchor text (keyword stuffing) as it could look like spam.

A backlink profile with a ‘natural balance’ between different types of anchor texts is optimal. Think about anchor texts containing your keywords (as an exact match or just part of your main keywords), your brand name, the URL of the page or a simple “click here” or “find more information here”. Variation is key to avoid getting flagged by Google.

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