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Using Reddit As A Marketing Channel For Direct Traffic

Anthony Williams By Anthony Williams 7 Min Read
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Power your website with SEMrush

As a blogger, do you know that you can use Reddit as a marketing channel for direct traffic and to improve search engine rankings?

The fact that we are now living in the social media era is not an overstatement. This is because most of our daily activities have been taken over by the likes of Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Many of these social media platforms are really useful when it comes to search engines rankings for your website.

No only that, social media platforms also help with direct web traffic. For instance, Reddit is a famous social platform and online community you can use to improve your web traffic.

But do you know that you can use Reddit as a marketing channel for direct traffic? Also, do you know that you can use Reddit to improve the search engine rankings of your website?

What do you know about Reddit?

Established in 2005, Reddit is an entertainment, social networking service, and news platform. It allows community members to submit content, such as text posts or direct links.

Reddit is an extremely powerful social site with a thriving community that’s very tough to break into.

Simply put, Reddit is one of the most powerful social bookmarking websites. Webmasters are now using it to gain some quality backlinks and to improve search engine rankings.



Community for everyone

Reddit is a content-sharing community is based upon the users voting the submitted content up or down. The posted content usually ranges from links to pictures, videos, and anything else that’s interesting.

Voting for submitted articles helps decide the popularity of the articles. Also, it helps decide their eligibility to make the front page appearance every single day.

The more the community finds submitted articles useful, the more voting the articles will get. Then the article will become more popular within the community.

So basically, if any of your posted articles reach the front page, then you can expect a flood of traffic to your website. However, you don’t need to reach the front page of the entire website to reap the benefits from your work.

This social bookmarking website is particularly popular among bloggers who use it to share their content as well as make new discoveries.

Tapping into Reddit’s community users?

Like other social sites, Reddit has a very big, highly diverse, and extremely dedicated community of users. Your brand can tap into this community of users for maximum exposure. It should be noted that most of the people actively using Reddit are within 20 – 30 years old.

However, it is important to know that quality matters if you want to tap into this community of users. This means that if you don’t want your posted contents to be flagged and marked as spam, you should make sure that they are of quality.

Self-promotion is not bad but if everything you post is completely about you and your business, people might not develop an interest in your content. The more your contents are flagged or marked as spam, the bad for your reputation in the community.

The simple fact is that people will vote for the great and helpful content. So, whenever you post or respond to questions in the community, you should make sure that you are actually offering responses that are helpful and solve someone’s problems. This will make people give you good ratings.

Reddit as a channel for direct traffic

Although Reddit may not be the perfect option for every marketer or business, the diversity of the community can still offer a really good opportunity for anyone interested in it.

web traffic to a new blog and website

The general belief is that when people talk positively about your brand on such platforms as Reddit, it generates some kind of vibration across the internet which search engines can easily pick for higher rankings.


This is why the more positive votes your posted contents get on Reddit, the better for your online exposure.

However, when you are sharing any piece of content on Reddit, you should make sure your contents are not only of great quality but also have enticing titles.

You should also make sure that the links to the contents you are sharing are correct website links, and not some shortened links if you don’t want to be flagged as spam content.

If used properly, you can get a flood of targeted traffic through Reddit. The benefits of targeted traffic for your website can not be underestimated.

The more people visit your website and consume your content, the greater the chance they are going to share your content across other social media channels.

Improving search engine rankings

Reddit is all about building an online community relationship. Many of the web owners as well as internet marketing professionals are already tapping into this thriving and dedicated online community that generates over 20 million visitors daily.

social networking
It’s all about networking

If you haven’t heard of Reddit, or you haven’t tried to find out how useful it could be to your brand’s online presence, then I will suggest it’s time you explored the social media and social bookmarking platform.

No matter what you are selling, there is always a website or two in that particular niche market. The undeniable fact is that each market niche has probably millions of websites on the Internet.

So how will people find your business out of the millions of other business websites? This is why people are using different social media platforms such as Reddit to increase their online exposure and grow their audience.


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