The importance of business social interactions can be felt on the social media marketing efforts.

Have you asked yourself why your business is on social media? Are you there only for business marketing purpose, and to build brand reputation?

Nowadays, both known and relatively new brands are making use of social media marketing to reach out to millions of people globally.

It’s an undeniable fact that most of the businesses on social media are there for one purpose – for business marketing and product promotion.

So why business social interactions is important?

As a business owner in this information and customer support conscious era, almost 90% of your business customers will expect your business to be on social media to connect with your customers.

In fact, some people will not trust your business or brand if it’s not on social media.

Why? Probably because consumers want more information – we are all living in an era when information sells even more than the actual products a business is selling.

Business social interactions and social media marketing

As mentioned before, we are now living in an era when information means more than the products, and because consumers want information, they sometimes rely on social media to get the information they need.

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This is why your business social interactions could be crucial for your social media marketing campaigns. What every business on social media should understand is that there is more to social media than business marketing or business promotion.

If you truly want to enjoy the benefits of using social media for your business marketing, then there must be a plan mapped out for business social interactions.

After you have perfectly done your social media marketing campaigns, you will still need to ensure continuity in your business social interactions so as to be able to continue to enjoy the benefits of your business’s social media campaigns.

Business values and business social interactions

Getting to real and quantifiable social media marketing ROI means driving your business social interactions towards your customers.

This is when your business values your customers especially on social media. Only then can your business realise the full benefits of connecting with your customers through social media.

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It’s imperative for businesses on social media to inculcate the habit of showing appreciations to their customers. This should be part of your business values especially when it comes to social interactions.

Is your business actively on social media?

Is your business actively on social media? I usually ask small business owners this kind of questions because some of these businesses are just on social media for the sake of it.

Some businesses are only on social media just because consumers expect to find them there. Nothing more than that. Is your business among those that reason along that way?

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It’s of no need to be on social media if your business is not fully taking the advantage. It’s an undeniable fact that more than 70% of new connections on social media sites expect messages such as “thank you” they connected with a brand on Facebook or Twitter.

Some also expect such motivations as offers, solicitation of feedback etc. So, is your business actively on social media and taking the advantage of it this way?

Social media marketing and business ROI

Very crucial to driving ROI from social channels like Facebook is not just to be there, but to be there with purpose. When you extend community to social networks like Facebook — you are extending your business value by bringing your community engagement capabilities to social media.

Your business’s presence on sites like Facebook and Twitter should be offering something useful to fans and followers, something like product information, interaction with other customers, and for customers to share ideas and earn rewards.

To extend the business value of your social investments, the reasons your business is on social media sites should have everything to do with your business objectives — increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty, for instance.

This is what most of the top brands are doing with their social media presence and your startup can also benefit from this. If your business is on social media, it can enable it to extend and improve customers satisfaction.

Driving product innovation with social customer

Another way to extend the business value of your social initiatives is by driving product innovation with social customer input.

What business should understand is that interacting with social customers online yields enormous data about consumer behaviour that will be essentially useful for business growth.

Because consumer interactions on social media sites such as Facebook are extremely data rich, businesses can use the data to build customer intelligence.

If your business is not already doing this, then you are missing out on the full business value of social media.

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