Get Social With Unbounce Landing Page Builder To Attract More Leads

Get Social With Unbounce Landing Page Builder To Attract More Leads

Nowadays, social media is a huge part of our everyday lives. But do you know that you can use Unbounce landing page builder to attract more leads?

Today, social media is where brands meet potential customers. However, how well are businesses using social media platforms? How can small business owners make social media work for their small business growth?

As a business owner, social media needs to be a huge part of your business’s marketing strategy. This is essential unless you want your competitors to outperform you.

Social media and marketing strategy

Marketing on social media comes in different ways. But the most common ones usually come in the form of social ads across popular platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

However, as the business owner, are you truly helping your ad spend or just hoping the ad(s) will do their job?

The strategic, granular targeting of social media ads goes to waste when visitors land on a generalized website. Why? Because your website is too generic for paid search traffic.

The importance of landing pages

Landing pages are essential marketing tools. This is because an ad-customized landing page with one goal, one link, and one message can help lead web traffic straight to conversion.

With your homepage, a visitor can get distracted and lose focus on what brought them there in the first place.

However, sending them to a focused landing page (instead of a high-level website) helps push them into the product you’re advertising and closer to converting.


Getting social with Unbounce

A powerful landing page tool like Unbounce offers everything you need to grow your business. You can boost your sales by easily converting traffic into customers.

Also, Unbounce features AI tools that let you build highly performing landing pages faster. It combines data with AI to help you create custom landing pages faster than others.

Unbounce Landing Page Builder in action

Unbounce landing pages have helped businesses turn billions of visitors into leads, sales, and signups. In essence, it allows you to quickly design polished, on-brand landing pages for every social ad. This will surely help your business to get a higher ROAS.

Unbounce application features such great tools as a drag-and-drop builder. This makes it easy for you to create custom landing pages geared exactly towards your ad. Plus, most social media activity takes place on our handheld screens and many websites aren’t optimized for a mobile experience.

Mobile visitors need fast-loading, hyper-targeted pages to keep their attention. With Unbounce, you can build, tailor, and publish pages that look and function exactly as needed, on any screen, without having to loop in a developer.

Other benefits of Unbounce

Other bonuses when using Unbounce to make your social ads most effective are:

#1]. Generate lookalike audiences for retargeting

  • Collect leads and run precise retargeting.
  • Easily run effective retargeting campaigns.
  • Add a Facebook pixel to any page to capture visitor data.
  • Use Unbounce leads to inspire related offers and lookalike ad campaigns.

#2]. More leads with super-targeted popups

  • Attract more leads to your business with super-targeted popups.
  • Trigger lead-gen popups on any landing page by visitor action /referral source.
  • Use location, time-on-page, cookie behaviour to deliver relevant offers.

#3]. Get a higher return on your Ad spend

  • Watch your ad return go up with faster-loading Unbounce landing page.
  • Keep audiences engaged with fast-loading pages.
  • Turn more clicks into conversions via relevant destination pages.
Use screenshot and screen recording extensions

It’s time to send Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn ads to campaign-customized landing pages. They resonate better with your audience and help you score more conversions.

With this, you can easily make your ad dollars go further. Now head over to Unbounce today to see all they have to offer to help your conversions take off.

Get Social With Unbounce Landing Page Builder To Attract More Leads
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