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Use Looka (Logojoy) To Brand Your Business And Create Beautiful Logos

Adeyemi Adisa By Adeyemi Adisa 7 Min Read
Looka Logojoy tool for branding and logo design

Do you know how to use Logojoy to brand your business and create a beautiful logo? Modern business is all about branding, and the moments you get it wrong, you will struggle to recover.

Now known as Looka, Logojoy, is one of the platforms you will need to visit if you are launching a new business.

Your logo plays an important role when it comes to branding. However, it’s not just about the logo, it’s also about the fonts, colour combination, and arrangement.

Having a beautifully crafted company logo is what gives your business and brand identity. A great company logo makes your brand stickier and provides a foundation for your future branding efforts.

Build a brand you love with Looka

Generate the right business logo!

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  • AI-powered tool to brand your startup
  • Design a custom logo for free
  • 100s of custom logo ideas to inspire you
  • All it takes is a few clicks
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Why branding your business?

This is why branding is like a window through which people see your business. So, how do people see your brand? What do they remember about your company? The fact is that putting a visual on what you’re doing brings your idea to life and communicates it in a way that words can’t.

Don’t know why a Logo is important to your business? Check out Logojoy!

Logojoy is a great platform to use to brand your business. Their AI-powered logo maker will use your inspiration when generating logo options. It means you can easily make a beautiful logo that says a lot about your business. In fact, Logojoy is one of the best 99Designs alternatives that young entrepreneurs can use for their branding and creative designs needs.

Using Logojoy to brand your business

Have you ever thought of building an impressive business or personal brand online? When you hear the name of a famous brand, there’s always something that happens without you even realizing it. The brand’s colour and logo are what usually come to mind.

Logojoy is your personal designer
Design your own beautiful brand at Logojoy.com

Branding is all about the logo, font, and colour as well as how well you infuse them all together. This is where Logojoy can help you come up with a unique logo that fits into your brand’s theme. The platform offers one of the easiest, and arguably, the best tools to design a logo and brand your business.

Don’t know why a Logo is important to your business? Check out Logojoy!

Logojoy is an award-winning platform that anyone can use to generate custom logo ideas. Also, you can use the platform to create branding materials for your business in seconds. This online logo maker uses machine learning to make it feel like you are working with a real designer.


Why you should brand your business with Logojoy

The good thing about Logojoy is that it’s totally free to make logos, you will only pay for a design when you are happy and 100% satisfied. Below are some of the reasons why you should use Logojoy:

  • AI-powered logo maker that uses your inspiration to generate logo options
  • No coding required, just beautiful drag and drop visual designer
  • It’s totally free 100% (you only pay for a design when you are happy)
  • You too can easily create the perfect logo for your business

So, do you want to learn how to use Logojoy to create a beautiful logo that will make your business stand out as unique? Below are the simple ways you can use Logojoy to brand your business and make a logo you’ll be proud of with Logojoy:

Create a beautiful logo that'll make your business stand out unique
Create a beautiful logo that’ll make your business stand out unique with Logojoy!

#1]. Start with inspiration

Logojoy lets you select logo styles, colors, and icons you like. Also, you will need to enter your company name and probably the slogan. The tool will then use these as inspiration when generating your logo options.

#2]. Browse logo mockups

After then, you can browse 100% custom logos tailored to your business. Logojoy offers a library of custom logos for their customers to select from within seconds. As you scroll, the tool will generate more logos based on those you have favourited.

#3]. See designs in action

You can favourite a logo to preview what it looks like on business cards, T-shirts, complimentary items, and more. Previews will update in real-time as you make changes to the logo in their easy-to-use editor. This means that you will be able to see what you are doing instantly.

Users can browse and sample different fonts, colors, layouts, and symbols to perfect their design. You can also change the spacing, font size, and more to make your logo stand out. Logojoy has almost 500 thousand premium fonts and premium symbols that you can easily use.

#5]. Get ready-to-use files

After purchase, Logojoy will send you all the logo files a designer would send. The logo files include high-resolution PNGs and vector files to use in print, online, and anywhere else. Logojoy even provides perfectly sized versions of your logo for social media, and brand guidelines with the colors and the names of fonts used.

Want to easily create Logo for your business? Check out Logojoy!



5 Ways to Use Logojoy To Brand Your Business And Create a Beautiful Logo
PIN IT: 5 Ways to Use Logojoy To Brand Your Business And Create a Beautiful Logo

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