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How To Effectively Use Facebook To Promote Small Businesses

Anthony Williams By Anthony Williams 8 Min Read

No doubt about it, Facebook is the household name when it comes to social media. But how do you use Facebook to promote small businesses?

Can your business also benefit from being active on social media platforms? This is another great question to ask, especially, if you haven’t been using social media to promote your business.

Nowadays, there is more to social media platforms like Facebook than just networking with friends and family members. As a matter of fact, Facebook has become a platform for almost everything and not just networking and socializing.

And for businesses, Facebook is arguably the best social media platform for effective advertising and business marketing. However, as a small business owner, can your business also benefit from Facebook marketing?

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Using Facebook to promote small businesses

Do you know that Facebook has about 2.60 billion monthly active users, according to the recently released figures? Not only that, but the social media giant also boasts of about 1.73 billion daily users.

With these enormous Facebook statistics, it’s obvious that Facebook has become an essential platform for businesses to be. However, as a business, it’s just about being on Facebook but it’s also about the effective use of Facebook to market your business.

In a real sense of things, using Facebook opens your business to a wide audience. Also, the platform is great for customer engagement which could mean a lot when it comes to improving customer relationships. Check out how to amplify your business social media engagement!

So, how do you ensure your business benefits from being on Facebook? Below are some of the steps to take to potentially attract and acquire new customers on the platform:

  • #1]. Set up your business’s Facebook page

    If you want your business to be on Facebook, the best place to start is to set up a Facebook page for your business. Set up your page and choose your URL which should be your business name. Brand your business’s Facebook page with your business colours, logo, and images.

    You can use Facebook business page to promote your business

    You can use tools like LogoMyWay and LogoTypeMaker to create a beautiful logo for your business or build a brand people will love with Looka. It’s important to use a branded image or your logo as your main profile picture as well as a similar header that relates to your company.

    Fill in your location information with your business address and complete the ‘About’ section with a text showing who you are and what you do, as well as including links to your main business site. This is the best way to show you’re a legitimate and trusted source/business.

  • #2]. Share great content on your business page

    Sharing content on your Facebook page will help you capture the attention of your fans and attract more followers. However, don’t just share any content; make sure that you share valuable content on your Facebook page.

    You’ll need to understand the concept or science of valuable content in order to help you come up with something to get your fans engaged. Mind you, content with such headlines as “how to do” and “why you should” usually tend to fuel engagement and healthy conversations.

    Also, you can also share any promotions or offers you might have especially when you are doing sales. This is arguably the best way to steadily grow your Facebook fanbase.

    Furthermore, you can also refresh your Facebook page with links to your company blog; you should also include links in the reverse back to your page. Don’t forget to set your blog’s RSS feed to post sections to your Facebook page.

  • #3]. Facebook tools for business

    Do you know that Facebook for business page offers great features, tips, and tools to help you grow your small business reach? Also, do you know that you can showcase positive accolades on your Facebook page?

    Facebook lets you add reviews to your business page to showcase what people are saying about your brand. Also, you can pin a post to the top of your feed and have an overall star review.

    Furthermore, Facebook has some analysis tools you can use as well to understand the social response to your posts. Total reach, or a number of likes over time, can help you get a clearer idea of what works well in terms of engagement.

  • #4]. Facebook advertising / marketing

    Either big or small businesses, Facebook is a platform to be and any business can easily take the advantage of its marketing tools. Do you want to grow your business with highly targeted leads? Do you know that you can put your brand in front of thousands of receptive potential clients on Facebook?

    Facebook Ads can help your business reach potential customers

    You can pay for targeted adverts to appear on Facebook, these will appear in the right-hand column, or in the main news feed, or both and can be targeted at a location, interests, and even specific demographics.

    You can use a great tool like Promo to create engaging social media video ads in minutes. It is an online video maker that will skyrocket your business. It has over 3,000 award-winning video templates including footage, copy, and licensed music.

    Also, you can make use of Adzooma to take your Facebook marketing to the next level. It offers arguably the most cost-effective way to deliver more value and gain a competitive edge. It lets you create, optimise, and track the performance of your advertising campaigns with ease.

What more to do?

Keeping on top of your Facebook posts is essential and you should never ignore any customer requests or issues. You should always respond in a timely fashion, as you would with any customer service. Also, don’t get too carried away with the more laidback approach to your Facebook posts.


Avoid ‘banter’ but strike a balance between not sounding overly formal, but remaining professional in your posts. You should also stick to a regular posting pattern and avoid randomly posting when you see fit.

Posts need time to be read and shared, while they should be on-brand as well. However, you should consider the timeslots you’re posting in as well, particularly if you intend to target international markets.



How To Effectively Use Facebook To Promote Small Businesses
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