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Today, businesses are using landing pages to generate more leads online. But are you using Unbounce Smart Builder to build your business landing pages?

The fact that landing pages have become an essential element of digital marketing is not an overstatement. However, you need to have the right tools to be able to build effective landing pages that convert.

With Unbounce Smart Builder, there is no limitation to what you can achieve with your landing pages. You can build smart and effective landing pages to generate more sales.

In other words, Unbounce lets you create stunning landing pages for desktop and mobile without writing a single line of code. It offers drag-and-drop tools that let you pull together pages super-fast, so you can spend less time tinkering and more time converting.

Building highly converting landing pages

Building effective and converting landing pages is not rocket science. As a matter fact, all you need to have is a great tool like Unbounce and your ability to generate leads through PPC campaigns will be improved.

Unbounce will significantly help you capture way more leads with high-converting landing pages that you can optimize on the fly, all without a developer.

It’s arguably the best landing page builder that actually offer better results. You can use this tool to easily take your business to the next level.

Check out our article on the befenits of Unbounce Landing Page builder to see how great and easy-to-use the tool is when it comes to building high-converting landing pages.

However, your landing page will be totally useless without incorporating a lead capture form into it. This is the best way to generate quality leads at scale by converting your website visitors into potential leads.

Why You Should Try Smart Builder

Unbounce recently announced the official launch of their Smart Builder. It’s a landing page builder that uses AI and ML to help marketers create landing pages built to convert.

Unbounce smart builder

Thanks to the intuitive design of Unbounce Smart Builder, this means marketers and businesses can spend less time building landing pages and more time converting.

Smart Builder is able to provide tailored templates, section components, and even AI-powered copy recommendations to help small business marketers create high-converting, on-brand landing pages that are optimized for any visitor’s device.

What the future look like with Unbounce

So, what does the future of your small business look like when using Smart Builder? What does the new Unbounce Smart Builder bring to your overall marketing strategies?

This tool helps you light up new conversion possibilities for your small business. It pairs your marketing know-how with Unbounce Conversion Intelligence™ and AI insights to help you launch higher-converting landing pages.

Below are some of the best ways Smart Builder can help you boost your marketing efforts and create result-oriented landing pages that actually convert.

#1]. Know exactly what converts

Unbounce Smart Builder helps you understand exactly what converts from the moment you click create. You will receive personalized insights for improving your landing pages based on data from over 1.5 billion conversions.

This means you will be able to skip the guesswork and endless drafts when building your landing pages. Also, it means going straight to scoring leads, sales, and signups.

#2]. Optimize every page

From the get-go, landing pages built with Smart Builder are optimized for better exposure. It means you can easily create pre-optimized layouts for your specific campaign needs.

This will enable you to easily connect with more visitors through relevant pages right from launch. You will spend less time on the research and can trust that the Design Assistant will tell you what’s going to work.

#3]. Easily create on-brand landing pages

Another great thing about Unbounce Smart Builder is that you wouldn’t need the experts to create on-brand landing pages. Also, it means you don’t need in-house copywriters, designers, or developers to be able to build landing pages.

The tool offers data-backed Copy Insights and a customizable Style Guide to help you build better landing pages. This means you can easily create pages that are built for conversion — on any device.

What you’ll get with Unbounce

Less work, more conversions is what you get when you start working with Unbounce and its Conversion Intelligence tool. By pairing your marketing creativity with Smart Builder’s insights, you skip right over the guesswork and go straight to creating eye-catching landing pages that convert.

Available on all plans: Launch, Optimize, Accelerate, Scale, and Concierge, there’s no need to upgrade or pay extra as long as you are on the most recent pricing plans (launched Summer 2020).

For those not already on a plan, you can try the  Smart Builder for 14 days  as part of the standard Unbounce trial, on any pricing tier.

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