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Build High-Converting Landing Pages With Unbounce Smart Builder Apps

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We all know that Unbounce is a powerful tool to build landing pages. However, the recently launched Unbounce Smart Builder apps can change the game for you.

Landing pages have now become an essential element of digital marketing nowadays. In fact, using landing pages for your content marketing is now one of the most effective marketing strategies. And with Unbounce, there is no limit to what you can achieve.

Unbounce’s Smart Builder lets you build smart and effective landing pages to generate more sales. This powerful marketing tool lets you create high-converting landing pages for customer acquisition. Also, you can easily optimize every page, right from the get-go!
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Why You Should Use Unbounce Smart Builder?

Using Unbounce Smart Builder means you will be able to build effective landing pages that convert. Unbounce is a provider of conversion optimization tools for marketers. The tool helps small and mid-size businesses optimize conversions and generate more leads.

build your landing pages with Unbounce

The Smart Builder is a powerful landing page builder that uses Artificial Intelligence AI and Machine Learning ML to help marketers create landing pages built to convert.

  • Build effective and high-converting landing pages
  • Get personalized insights based on data from over 1.5 billion conversions
  • Smart Builder landing pages are optimized for better exposure
  • Data-backed Copy Insights and a customizable Style Guide
  • Pre-optimized layouts for your specific campaign needs
  • Easily create pages built for conversion — on any device

Unbounce Smart Builder Apps

Unbounce Smart Builder is an AI-powered landing page builder that is pretty slick. But it just got better with the recently unveiled collection of best-in-class Unbounce apps to Smart Builder. This will help you create better marketing campaigns in half the time. Also, it means you can save on resources, and increase conversions by up to 30%.

What are Unbounce Apps? They are powerful tools that offer a variety of features and functionalities within the Unbounce Conversion Intelligence Platform that you can easily add to your Smart Builder landing pages.

Unbounce apps


Whether it’s selling your products, booking more leads, or simply getting creative, you can effortlessly hit your campaign goals with Unbounce Apps. These Unbounce apps include:

  • Typeform app helps you add forms to your campaigns and boost your conversions.
  • Stripe app helps you create a smooth checkout experience and earn more sales.
  • Unsplash offers access to a big database of images for your landing pages.

Work Better With Unbounce Apps

More Unbounce apps are being added periodically which means you can now easily grow your relevance, leads, and sales with Unbounce. With Unbounce’s growing collection of apps, you’ll be able to work faster and smarter, and ultimately grow your conversions and ROI.

Even better, you can connect the tools you already use and love to your Smart Builder landing page without having to rely on technical or time-consuming workarounds. And, no-code installation and easy authorization mean not relying on a designer or developer to get a new tool up and running.

If you haven’t tried Unbounce already, it’s time to sign up for a free trial to explore the Unbounce builder before committing.

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