Nowadays, it’s not easy to raise capital to finance a new startup or support existing business. It’s a challenge that every young entrepreneur is facing today.

Though raising capital can be hard to come by at times, but the fact is that it’s possible. Thanks to angel investment networks, entrepreneurs can now get financial helps to reach their potentials.

There are communities of angel investors such as Angel Investment Networks which connect entrepreneurs and investors in the UK and beyond.

Angel investors use their finance and business or professional experience to invest in the growth of a small business, generally in startup.

Angel investors can make investments on their own or as part of a group and this is referred to as syndicate. This a well-known practice that has helped thousands of entrepreneurs to raise needed capital for their startups.

How angel investors work?

angel investment networks
Angel investment networks

Who are angel investors and how do they work? These are investors who usually make their own decision about investing in a business. Also, they would normally take shares in the business in return for providing equity finance.

In so doing, angel investors will be sharing not only their money, but also their own expertise and knowledge in running a business as well as their connections to ensure the success of the business.

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Angel investors will not only have the potential to gain a return on their investment, but they will have the personal satisfaction of seeing an enterprise succeed. However, angel investing does carry risks as well as rewards.

Top UK angel investment networks for entrepreneurs

There are many entrepreneurs across the UK with great business ideas and growth potential. Providing equity finance, combined with access to skills, advice and market contacts can be the best way to help them to accelerate their development and achieve commercial success.

There are numbers of angel investment networks for young entrepreneurs in the UK. Below is a list of some of the top UK angel investment networks:

#1]. London Business Angels (LBA)

London Business Angels (LBA)
London Business Angels (LBA)

London Business Angels (LBA) is one of the best UK angel investment networks for entrepreneurs and one of the Europe’s leading networks.

LBA helps to connect innovative technology companies to equity finance through their membership of experienced angel investors. Since 2000, LBA has helped over 200 companies successfully raise over £50 million.

Nearly 40% of the companies selected to pitch to LBA’s investors have secured funding over the last 3 years. LBA is for you whether you are an existing investor, would-be investor, or an entrepreneur looking for investment to grow your business. You can find out how working with LBA can help you achieve success by visiting their website.

#2]. Thames Valley Investment Network (TVIN)

Thames Valley Investment Network (TVIN)
Thames Valley Investment Network (TVIN)

Established in 2003, TVIN works with entrepreneurs and companies seeking to raise finance. It connects them with highly active potential investors, who frequently provide commercial experience and contacts, in addition to vital capital.

TVIN is a business angel network that focuses on innovative, early-stage technology companies with high growth potential. It offers access to a rich source of investment opportunities in early stage ventures within the Thames Valley and beyond.

Also, it targets companies with a focus on first mover advantage and technology including FMCG, web, digital media and green-technology. They link entrepreneurs seeking business development funds from £150,000 to £750,000 with individual business angels and other investors.

TVIN promotes the formation of angel syndicates and has active investor members who can add value to growing businesses.

#3]. Venture Giant

Venture Giant
Venture Giant

Venture Giant is another leading UK business angel investment network and business funding service. It matches UK entrepreneurs with angel investors and venture capitalists.

Venture Giant is possibly the only resource a startup entrepreneur will need during their search for early-stage angel investment. You can also use it for seed investment capital funding or business finance to kick-start a business for a new product or invention.

If you are an entrepreneur looking to raise funding for your business venture or even looking for funding from investors for your startup business idea then Venture Giant is the place for you. You can find out how Venture Giant can help you by visiting their website.

#4]. Angel CoFund

Angel CoFund
Angel CoFund

Established in 2011, the Angel CoFund is a £100m investment fund with objectives to back promising UK businesses and help develop the important business angel investment market.

Angel CoFund makes initial investments of between £100K and £1M alongside syndicates of business angels. It supports high potential businesses and give them the capital they need to develop and propel growth.

It has invested and committed in excess of £24M, alongside a further £95M from business angels and other investors, providing support for 54 companies since it was launched.

Angel CoFund invests across the UK and will consider proposals for businesses at all stages of development and in most sectors, provided they qualify as an SME.

#5]. Angels Den

Angels Den
Angels Den

Angels Den is another UK angel investment network for entrepreneurs. It matches growing businesses and entrepreneurs with experienced angel investors to provide the investment and mentoring they need to grow further and succeed.

Angels Den is an angel-led crowdfunding platform where angel investors and experienced business people invest in pre-vetted SMEs. Angels Den has helped more than 170 businesses raise investment from our crowd of 12,000 angel investors since it was established in 2007.

Investors often play an active role in the business, providing the initial funding, expertise and contacts to drive growth.

#6]. UK Angel Investment Network

UK Angel Investment Network
UK Angel Investment Network

UK Angel Investment Network helps connect global and local entrepreneurs with angel investors. UKAIN has 30 branches extending to 80 different countries with over 528,000 registered members which includes 99,386 investors and 429,316 entrepreneurs.

This makes UKAIN one of the largest angel investment communities in the world, and they are growing daily. They have already raised £200 million for some of the coolest startups in the UK and across the world.

Having expanded their areas of expertise to meet the various demands of the modern day startup, UKAIN is another top UK angel investment networks for entrepreneurs that can help you raise funds for your project.


Top 6 UK Angel Investment Networks For Young Entrepreneurs To Raise Capital
PIN IT: Top 6 UK Angel Investment Networks For Young Entrepreneurs To Raise Capital
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