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3 Bad Twitter Habits That Are Holding You Back And How To Improve…

Adeyemi Adisa By Adeyemi Adisa 8 Min Read

The fact that Twitter has somehow changed the way we communicate especially when you want your message to reach millions of people across the globe can not be disputed.

And with Twitter marketing, your business has a better opportunity to reach the right audience – the right people that actually need your services.

This is why Twitter is like a meeting point – a platform for big brands, small businesses, corner shops, and customers to meet.

Not only that, individuals like myself also use the platform to meet, educate, inspire, inform and engage. The fact is that there is no limit to what one can get on Twitter. It’s like everyone is on Twitter!

Bad Twitter habits and getting people to follow you

So how do you get more Twitter followers? How can your business maximise this social media platform for marketing? Everyone is all out to get as many followers as possible. Even some people buy followers to make themselves feel really belong.

Yes, you can have as many Twitter followers as possible but how engaging are your followers? How many retweets and likes do you get from your tweets? Let’s say, if you have about 10,000 followers and you get no retweets or likes from your tweets, it’s either your tweets add no value or you have too many fake followers.

Why These Bad Twitter Habits Are Your Worst Enemy.... And How To Defeat Them

But as a matter of fact, it’s not just about getting people to follow you or your brand, it is also about keeping and maintaining your follower list.

So do you know why people unfollowed you? It’s true that people unfollowed you for so many reasons but one of the most obvious reasons is because of your Twitter habits.


As great as this platform can be for such activities as business marketing, there are certain habits of some Twitter users that most people somehow find uninteresting. So, what are these bad Twitter habits, and how come people find them not interesting?

#1]. Image tweets

First of all, we should all remember that Twitter is all about text and not particularly about tweeting images. Yes, it’s good to tweet captivating images accompanied by interesting tweets but do not make it a habit because it means you are not taking your followers into consideration.

I personally find image tweets somehow uninteresting especially when you send multiple tweets in a short space of time. I want a clean, easy-to-navigate and easy-to-read Twitter feed. What about you? Surely, I don’t want to open my Twitter stream and discover it is full of images tweeted by some people. Let’s keep it simple and clean.

Twitter Polarb survey

Don’t get it wrong, top influencers on Twitter don’t mind you tweeting images but it becomes somehow disturbing when images tweeted by you take over their Twitter page. It is one of those bad Twitter habits you should stop right now if you don’t want people to start unfollowing you.

Remember that some people go on Twitter on their mobile phones and they sometimes do this via mobile internet or data. Depending on internet connections, it takes more than usual time to load a Twitter page full of images tweeted by you. For this reason, you should only tweet images two or three times in a day.

#2]. Be more creative, add value with your tweets

Twitter only allows 140-letters tweet and this means you have to show how creative you are to get your message across to the people. So many people are missing out on the creative aspect of the tweets they send out.

Some people just don’t care about it while some don’t even know anything about creative and inspiring tweets. If you want your followers to take you as a top influencer, then always try to inspire, educate, inform and motivate via your tweets.

As a matter of fact, tweeting for the sake of tweeting is never a good idea and neither is tweeting so much that your followers get sick of it. You just have to find the right balance and make sure you build on it for better results.

“Inform, educate, engage…. there is more to Twitter than just marketing your business.”

Your tweets should always add value to your followers’ day because tweets that add value usually get more retweets and exposure which may result in more followers. This is important especially if you are using your Twitter account to promote or market yourself as one of the top influencers.

If your tweets add value, your will be making yourself an influencer or high-value user in your niche. And again, don’t just tweet headlines and links.

#3]. Tweets, likes and retweets

There is no better way to improve engagement on Twitter than to like and retweet other people’s tweets. One thing you have to remember is that being on Twitter is not just about yourself or your tweets, it’s also about your followers and their tweets. This is why it’s important for you to established strong connections with your followers. Please check out our previously posted infographic on Twitter as a marketing tool and how your business can gain from it.


Twitter followersSome people don’t like to retweet their followers’ tweets. It’s one of those bad Twitter habits we are talking about and you should stop it right now. The fact is that retweeting rather than just liking a tweet offers much more benefits than you think. I personally love to retweet useful, creative and inspiring tweets.

To me, retweeting rather than liking is more like a win-win situation. It means I am helping my followers to spread the message while also making myself a top source for quality tweets.

So, if you are one of those people that only likes rather than retweets, you are not doing yourself any favour. If you like a tweet, there is a possibility that other people (your followers) might also like it if you help retweet it.

So, stop that bad Twitter habit and start retweeting those inspiring and quality tweets you like. It will help the original sender as well as you the ‘retweeter’. However, don’t make it a habit to retweet every tweet you see on Twitter – only retweet tweets that add value.


Why These Bad Twitter Habits Are Your Worst Enemy.... And How To Defeat Them
PIN IT: Why These Bad Twitter Habits Are Your Worst Enemy…. And How To Defeat Them
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