Must-Have Twitter Growth Hacking Tools Your Business Will Ever Need

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Nowadays, almost everyone is on social media but how well are small businesses using social media as a marketing tool? Social media is not just a place to keep in touch with friends and family members.

In fact, the platform is now a thriving online community of people across the globe. People are on social media for so many reasons. Some people are there to network while some just want to get the breaking news and keep in touch.

The fact is that the majority of social media users now get their breaking news from the platform. However, millions of people on social media are also using it to follow their favourite brands. Therefore, social media offers a great opportunity for businesses.

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From Instagram to Facebook, Twitter and others, there is a great opportunity for businesses to reach millions of potential customers.

Twitter Growth Hacking Tools

But how well are small businesses using social media as a marketing tool? Do you really know how to use social media to increase customer retention for your business?

Today, Twitter is a powerful marketing tool that offers better results. However, businesses will have to do more than just tweeting to be able to get the best out of the platform.

In short, every business on Twitter needs a good Twitter growth hacking tool to get the best out of the platform. The fact is that having the right Twitter tools will help your business to get better results from Twitter marketing.

Depending on your Twitter marketing goals, there is an abundance of growth hacking tools you can use to make your life easier. Below are some of the best Twitter growth hacking tools you will ever need to grow your audience.

#1]. Jooicer

Grow your Twitter audience with Jooicer
Grow your Twitter audience with Jooicer

Jooicer is one of our favourite Twitter growth hacking tools to automate that small businesses can use. This automation tool allows you to perform actions on your social media pages that replicate and simulate human behaviour without a human being present.


Jooicer offers a clear and concise dashboard of analytics and allows you to schedule Tweets on your time. The tool offers both basic and premium module so that you can maximise your account. You can easily activate your desired modules and set your rules. In short, Jooicer helps you implement your own custom social media strategies on Twitter. Start your free trial here!.

#2]. TweetFavy

TweetFavy helps you automate your Twitter marketing
Automate your Twitter marketing with TweetFavy

TweetFavy is another Twitter growth hacking tool that will not only help you build authority on Twitter, but also helps drive more traffic to your website. This is one of the leading growth hacking tools to grow your Twitter audience. It lets you automate your Twitter marketing campaign and secure a huge following in no time. Start your free trial here!

#3]. Buffer

Buffer simplifies your Twitter marketing and helps drive web traffic
Simplify your Twitter marketing with Buffer

Buffer is a popular social media tool you can use to schedule your tweets in advance. This is an intuitive social media management platform trusted by brands, businesses, agencies, and individuals. It is a simpler way to schedule posts and track the performance of your content on Twitter. The tool also makes provision for other social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Google+. Buffer is a real time-saver as it helps automate the engagement from your community. Start your free trial here!

#4]. Audience

Audience offers amazing targeting tools and comprehensive analytics
Understand the audiences that matter with Audience

Audiense is another great tool you can use to grow your business’s Twitter audience. This powerful social media tool lets you discover would-be ideal followers to target on Twitter. Also, it offers key insights to help businesses grow a valuable audience on Twitter. The tool also provides unique audience segmentation that transforms how you make decisions and discover new opportunities. Start your free trial here!

#5]. SocialRank

Understand your Twitter and Instagram audience with SocialRank
Find and analyse your with SocialRank

SocialRank offers one of the easiest ways to identify, organise and manage your followers on Twitter and Instagram. The social media tool helps you build a custom report and sort your followers based on engagements and keywords. SocialRank easily lets you understand your Twitter and Instagram audience. It lets you segment your audience by using the various sorting and filtering options. Start your free trial here!

#6]. Outfy

Outfy helps you amplify your products reach
Amplify the reach of your products with Outfy

Outfy is another great social media tool that offers comprehensive features for time-efficient digital marketing. The tool simply helps you boost traffic and increase sales by managing your social media smartly. Amplify the reach of your products with the use of this new-age, smartest social media promotion facilitation tool. Start your free trial here!

#7]. Clicktotweet

Clicktotweet helps you to easily promote and grow your Twitter reach
Easily promote and grow your Twitter reach with Clicktotweet

Clicktotweet is another great tool that offers a convenient way to share content on Twitter. It includes a click to tweet functionally in the statements of your Twitter content.

With this tool, the more people share, the more traffic you get associated with your Twitter profile. Tweets are usually sent with your Twitter handle attached so you can easily gain more followers. It offers a WordPress plugin for bloggers using WordPress CMS. Start your free trial here!

#8]. TwitterCounter

TwitterCounter offers the key features that will help you grow
Analyse and grow your audience with TwitterCounter

TwitterCounter provides new businesses with great tools to understand the progress they are making on Twitter. The tool offers comprehensive analytics about your community with guides to optimise your tweets with content that speaks to your audience and suggests when you should tweet to get the highest possible engagement. It even offers comparative features to understand how your business is performing against competitors on Twitter.
NOTE: TwitterCounter has shut down.


Must-Have Twitter Growth Hacking Tools Your Business Will Ever Need
PIN IT: Must-Have Twitter Growth Hacking Tools Your Business Will Ever Need
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  • I have used buffer a lot and I can say that it is one of the best social marketing tool. It saves the time as well as increases the users engagement.

  • Hi Anthony, it is getting harder and harder to use tools now with Twitter since their new policy changes last month. But the Buffer is a great one you can still use. I love the hand select text tool they provide. You can really mix up your tweets with it and not get caught tweeting the same thing over and over.
    It also leads to a better user experience on the Twitter network.
    I used to use so many tools with Twitter but had to stop with their new changes. It means we will all have to get a little more creative out there tweeting 🙂

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