Twitter is not just a social media platform or social networking site, it’s a powerful marketing tool or weapon your business should be using.

Social media has changed the ways people meet, network and socialise online. Most importantly, it has changed the ways businesses reach out and communicate with their customers.

In other words, if your business is not on social media today, you are actually committing a serious “crime” – you are giving your competitors the much-awaited opportunity to outperform you. So what are you waiting for?

Twitter for business and how to easily get the best results out of it

There is more to Twitter than just for families and friends connections. With over 310 million monthly active users, Twitter is arguably one of the best social media advertising platforms for generating leads at one-third the cost of other marketing channels.

why your business should be on TwitterTwitter is a platform for big brands, small business and corner shops to meet customers.

Not only that, individuals like myself also use the platform to meet, educate, inspire, inform and engage.

This is why your business has a better opportunity to reach the right audience (the right people that actually need your services) with Twitter marketing.

However, if you really want to get the best results out of Twitter, you must learn how to use Twitter as a marketing tool and how your business can easily gain from using it.

The fact is that Twitter is not just about tweeting about your business, it’s also about listening and communicating with customers (and prospects) and getting quality feedback for your business. This is why some people believe that Twitter followers are marketing weapons for businesses that know how to leverage the platform.

So, to be able to maintain a good Twitter followership and improve users engagement on Twitter, there are some common bad Twitter user habits you should always try to avoid (or stop right now if you are already making these mistakes).

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Twitter for business and why your business should be on it right now

Big companies and popular brands, as well as other small businesses, have already started using Twitter to promote, market and engage potential customers. So you still don’t know why your business should be active on Twitter? Below are some of the reasons why we think you are missing out if your business is not active on Twitter:

#1]. Connect and engage customers

Just like other social networking sites, Twitter offers businesses much-needed opportunity to connect and engage customers.

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The fact is that majority of customers now have access to the Internet and most of them also have one or two social media accounts including Twitter.

So if your business is on Twitter, you will be able to connect and engage your customers (and potential customers) because that’s where they are.

If any of your customers has an issue with your business, there is a possibility that they will first share their experience on Twitter before even contacting you.

Just like in the case of British Airways, angry and unsatisfied customers now go on Twitter to voice their dissatisfaction over certain businesses. How will you know what customers are saying about you if your business is not on Twitter?

#2]. Branding, promotion and business marketing

Where do you think your customers are? So many studies have revealed that more than 80% of young people prefer to do their shopping online rather than walk into the shop.

Twitter followers

But where do these young people go on the Internet? No where else than social networking sites.

This why you should be on the platform because you can easily market and promote your business to a wider audience free of charge.

Viral-ability of Twitter posts means that with more than 300 millions monthly active users, your business will get to potential customers.

As an online marketing tool, Twitter is becoming increasingly popular and most of the top brands are now using it to reach thousands of loyal customers as well as potential customers.

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There are lots of Twitter marketing tips and tools out there and if properly used, your business stands a better chance to massively benefit from Twitter potentials as an online marketing tool.

#3]. Customer services and quality customers feedback

Having connected with customers on Twitter, your business can then make use of the platform to a mean to improve customer service.

best customer service representatives

Your customer service department can make use of vital information gathered through Twitter to improve your products or services offered.

Your business can work with the social media team to create a digital customer service.

With this, you can be rest assured that any issue raised by customers will be immediately dealt with and concerned customers will be proud of your business.

It’s important for businesses to realise that we are in digital age and that how the business is seen in the public eye dealing with issues online can either enhance or break their reputation. Handle your customers complains with care and satisfaction, and your business will get quality customers feedback in return.


Still Don't Know Why Your Business Should Be Active On Twitter? Here Are Top 3 Most Important Reasons
PIN IT: Still Don’t Know Why Your Business Should Be Active On Twitter? Here Are Top 3 Most Important Reasons

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