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Trending Leadership Styles All Entrepreneurs Should Know

Elechi Emekobum By Elechi Emekobum 6 Min Read

In most cases, success is often pre-determined. However, it usually depends on who is managing the team and what leadership styles they are using.

More often than not, when a team fails, it is due to lousy management styles that don’t work. Though this is not predominantly the case, it seems to prove true recurrently.

Fortunately, unique leadership styles that suit modern-day lifestyles and employee needs have come into play. These new styles have proven to be effective with all the generations currently in the workforce.

Putting in the effort to understand the needs of each employee may be a long process. As a result, you can get the best performance from each team member.

Self-awareness in leadership is essential as this will create a leader that will only move the company forward. Because these leadership styles draw the most attention from top talent.

Businesses and management professionals should consider switching from the old ways. And you can do this by opting for one of these more effective methods.

Striving For Gender Equality

The gender equality struggle is one as old as time itself. And it’s still prevalent today, despite massive strides being made to even the playing field.

Though we have improved around this, it is still a challenge today. Giving equal opportunities to all genders in salary and positions makes the environment a lot more progressive than at any time in history.

There is a definite need for aggression towards this, as it is still unbalanced. People will keep the movements going, for all are equal.


The balance between male and female equality will also bring about a different level of sensitivity in the work environment. Decisions now do not only come from one gender perspective.

Empowering Employees

Taking a step back and observing is always the best approach to your employees’ motivational levels. It is essential to see this because it gives you an idea of where you need to focus most of your attention.

Employees are not always on the same core value system you have implemented. It is imperative to assess where each of them stands. On the other hand, some employees flourish when they can grab the reins and run with them.

What leadership styles are you using
What leadership styles are you using?

Instead of being micro-managed, the employee empowerment method would work best for them. One motivational way to get staff to feel valuable to the company is by giving unique opportunities to every team member.

Being a leader means you also get to allow your subordinates a chance to gain your respect for possible future promotions.

Participative Leadership

It can be beneficial to participate while guiding instead of only instructing employees or merely supervising. When your subordinates watch, you get involved and participate.

It triggers a sense of obligation on their part to do well on their duties. Beyond that, your employees will also be able to learn more through your actions. Therefore, you will be leading by example as a management professional.

As a leader, it was expected to stand back while your employees do all the heavy lifting, but nowadays, you can watch them work side by side. Participative leadership also allows the leaders to make sure that each task is completed according to a set standard as they will not be too far to rectify any problems that may arise.

These techniques also work in that they create self-awareness in leadership, as they will ensure that they are doing the right thing in front of their employees.

Furthermore, team members will never feel looked down on by management, as participation is an excellent component when it comes to effectively unifying a team.

Enforcing Work-Life Balance

It is only fair that employers have their employees’ best interests at heart, including creating a solid work-life balance. It is considered healthy for a good balance between the two to remain as too much work means overworked employees, which decreases productivity.

Giving one’s employee consistent breaks from the workspace is a definite necessity. Research has shown that well-rested employees produce the best results at work.


It’s especially true when they get a chance to spend time with their families needs. What’s more, younger generations are starting to adopt the notion that risking burnout and jeopardizing health is no badge of honor.

And so, top talent will be searching for work-life balance as a vital factor when job hunting. Because not every work environment and core values are the same, it is essential to take the time to understand which type of leadership skills will yield the best results.

It may not be an easy process for most individuals as it requires stepping out of certain comfort zones and taking time to figure out your subordinates so you can achieve the best outcomes. Mapping out a plan of action and ultimately executing it so that everyone is on board.



Trending Leadership Styles All Entrepreneurs Should Know
PIN IT: Trending Leadership Styles All Entrepreneurs Should Know

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