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Must-Have Travel Apps for Business Travellers

Elechi Emekobum By Elechi Emekobum 7 Min Read

Nowadays, technology has made life easier for business travellers. So, if you always go on business trips, you can do a lot with your mobile gadgets.

You will all agree with me that entrepreneurship is sometimes highly demanding, and you’ll have to devise means to be able to succeed.

Also, if you are an entrepreneur who always travels around, you will understand the enormity and complexity of entrepreneurship.

Of course, you will surely understand the importance of keeping your mind focus and being productive if you travel a lot. You will have to focus on the work on hand, rather than juggling itinerary details, expense reports, and others.

However, modern technology has made it possible to run your business from anywhere. This means you can schedule a meeting, respond to questions, manage inventory and others while you are on the move.

Must-have apps for business travellers

We are in the smart gadgets era which means that your smartphone can do a lot for you while on the move. Also, you can even turn your smartphone, tablet or laptop into a mobile office while you’re away.

So, traveling with the right apps on your smartphone can help cut down the anxiety. Also, it can leave you free to think about the things that really matter. Below are some of the top business travel apps you should have.

#1]. A hotspot finder can be a lifesaver

Being able to access the Internet is important to every business travellers. This is because the internet has become an integral part of running a business. This is why it’s invaluable to have a reliable way to find a wi-fi hotspot whenever you are away on a business trip.

hotspot finder can be a lifesaver
Hotspot finder can be a lifesaver

With over 100 million hotspots across the globe, WiFiMap will help you connect to WiFi for free wherever you are. WiFiMap offers one of the largest Wi-Fi communities in the World, which means you will always get connected.


However, if WiFiMap is not for you, you can check out other alternative hotspot finders that can help you to stay connected.

The apps will always find Wi-Fi for you to connect, no matter where you may be. These apps can save you serious money in data plan expenses.

#2]. Travel planner can be really helpful

At times, planning a business trip can be a little bit tricky, especially, if you are visiting the place for the first time. You will have to plan your journey from flight and hotel bookings to cars and other reservations.

Make your journey easy, plan with travel panners
Make your journey easy, plan with travel panners

However, with a good travel planner app like Tripadvisor, you will have rest of mind. You can use TripIt to make sense of all your travel plans and create a single itinerary for every trip.

It’s one of the highest-rated travel organising apps that helps you to stay one step ahead from planning to landing. Other alternative travel planning apps such as TripPlanner and SaveTrip can also be of a great help.

Travel planners help you organise all your travel information from tickets, boarding passes to hotel contact information.

You can also get AwardWallet to keep track of the loyalty programs you participate in. Also, you can track frequent flyer miles and hotel and credit card points as well as book reward tickets.

#3]. Translation apps to help you understand

There is always language barriers when you when your business travels take you to parts of the world where they don’t speak your language. If you speak English, your travels sometimes may take you to places they speak languages you don’t understand.

Learn and understand new languages with translation apps
Learn new languages with translation apps

This is where useful apps such as Google Translate can become really helpful. Google Translate recognises signs and printed instructions. Just open the app and use your phone’s camera to capture the signs and you’ll get real-time translations.

However, if Google Translate doesn’t work too well for you, Microsoft Translator is another free, personal translation app for over 60 languages. It translates conversations, text, voice, camera photos, and screenshots. You can also download languages for offline translation for free to use when you travel.

Also, you can get such apps as Duolingo and other alternative translation apps that you can have on your mobile device when you travel abroad.

#4]. Weather, navigation, and places of interest

You will agree with me that being on a business trip doesn’t mean that you can’t have time to sometimes have fun. As a business traveller, you can also create time for yourself to visit places of interest within the city.

Navigation apps can help you find places of interest
Navigation apps can help you find places of interest

However, it’s sometimes difficult to find your ways around especially when you are new in a city. Now you can navigate your world faster and easier with Google Maps. The app covers over 220 countries and territories, with hundreds of millions of businesses and places of interest on the map.

Also, it offers real-time GPS navigation, traffic, and public transport info, and explore local neighbourhoods knowing where to eat, drink and go – no matter what part of the world you’re in. You can also try out other alternative navigation apps like Waze that lets you know what’s happening on the road.

A reliable weather app like Weather Live Free can also be really useful. It means you can rely on its accurate weather forecast and adjust your schedule to the weather coming in. You won’t even have to look out the window as the app will make you feel like you are already outside!



Must-Have Travel Apps for Business Travellers
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