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Hashtags Marketing: 4 Reasons Why Brands Should Be Tracking Hashtags

Anthony Williams By Anthony Williams 5 Min Read
hashtags tracking and marketing tips

Hashtags have become a key feature on social media platforms like Twitter. This is one of the reasons why brands should be tracking hashtags.

For marketers and businesses, social media is not just a platform for meeting people. In fact, it’s a platform for business marketing.

Also, businesses are using it to improve engagement and customer support.

Nowadays, marketers are using hashtags to change the marketing game for businesses on social media. With the right hashtags, you can easily get your messages to a wide audience and get more people to talk about your brand.

Why brands should be tracking hashtags

Why tracking Hashtags is good

So why should your brand be tracking hashtags? If you have been using Twitter or Instagram to promote your brand, you will notice that hashtags help improve your content’s visibility.

Marketers understand the fact that there is more to social media than just a platform for meeting people online.

Today, brands are using the platforms for marketing and to offer customer supports. Also, brands are using social media to acquire new customers and to build relationships.

Using the right hashtags can you reach the right audience who will not only consume your content but also take action. Below are some of the reasons why brands should be tracking hashtags on social media.


#1]. Event marketing

Hashtags are one of the key aspects of event marketing, especially, if you want your content to go viral on social media. A dedicated event hashtag can help you a lot when your brand is involved in events marketing such as product launching.

This can help to identify and engage people using it in real-time. It is one of the best ways for brands to find participants in need of assistance.

Also, it helps create the opportunity to initiate networking, gather feedback, and measure the social media reach of your event hashtag.

#2]. Measure awareness and reach

Hashtags offer a great opportunity for brands to measure your awareness through social media reach. Businesses that are using dedicated hashtags to promote their brands can easily monitor and measure their performances on social media.

Measuring your hashtag performance and reach is great because it will give you an insight into how many people mention it.

Also, you will understand where it appears most, and social media reach and engagement. If you want to get an idea of how your company is perceived online, then this kind of data can help.

#3]. Track and analyse marketing campaigns

For brands, being able to track and analyse marketing campaigns is important. So, if you are engaging in social media marketing, using the right hashtags will help you track performances.

Creating dedicated hashtags for your marketing campaigns means you will be able to easily measure impacts. To get the best insights, you can track such things as mentions, engagements, and reaches.

You can use powerful tools like Brand24 to get the right insights into how your hashtags are performing as well as your entire brand reputation.

#4]. Identify brand advocates

Nowadays, brand advocacy or ambassadorship is playing a crucial role in word-of-mouth marketing, and social media is one of the best platforms to acquire indispensable advocates.

Tracking and monitoring your dedicated hashtags will help you identify people who are interested in love with your brand.

Then, you can easily turn them to potential brand advocates for word-of-mouth marketing. They can help recommend your product to their audience.




Why Brands Should Be Tracking Hashtags
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