5 Essential Rules Of Engagement That Can Make You A Successful Entrepreneur

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No successful entrepreneur will ever tell you that it’s easy to make it and become as successful as you can ever imagine. Successful entrepreneurs are not looking to take the easy route and be part of the crowd.

But what successful entrepreneurs do have in common are traits such as a strong work ethic, persistence, persuasiveness, and discipline.

It’s a general belief that it takes a certain type of person to succeed in business because there are no certain fixed rules for success.

Perhaps, this is why successful entrepreneurs usually have a tendency to focus more on the personality rather than the product itself.

Recipes for becoming a successful entrepreneur

At times, the recipes for success are within your reach, and just because you couldn’t look within, you will almost always find it hard to make your dreams come through.

Most successful entrepreneurs usually look inward to make themselves great and this is what you should also consider before you embark on your startup project.

Below are my five recipes for becoming a successful entrepreneur.

#1). Make it happen – one thing at a time

You see, it’s not always about having ideas but it’s more about bringing your ideas into reality. You should always remember that as you are thinking about what to do with your ideals, there is a possibility that other people are also working on similar stuff.

Remember they say procrastination kills time and Rome was not built in a day! So, it is time you started working on your ideas rather than waiting for the so-called “right time” or windows of opportunity as time will never be right if you don’t act quickly.


Also, you don’t have to be a jack of all trade; just put your hands on one thing and work really hard to make it something.

#2). Be patient – hope for tomorrow

It’s not always about today or “now now”! So many people have been discouraged because they could not make it happen within a short period of time.

But it’s not always about today, it’s all about investing in tomorrow and you don’t have to be “very rich” to do that too.

My experiences with some people have been really bad when it comes to being patient. Most people I have interacted with don’t believe in doing something today for tomorrow.

They all want it to happen now; forgetting that things don’t always come out to be like that. Most successful entrepreneurs were not born with a big silver spoon in their mouths; they are just common people like you and me.

Depending on what you are planning to achieve and how you intended to achieve it, you have to always work for a long-term purpose because people don’t usually record success almost instantly.

#3). Sacrifice

“Successful entrepreneurs are not looking to take the easy route and be part of the crowd…”

This is a must! No, I don’t mean ritual sacrifice… I meant sacrificing yourself, your time, and resources to make it happen.

Sometimes it will only take your time and efforts to make things happen! You might have to do things without being paid and even though you are not getting paid, you are gaining the much-needed experiences for future use.

Today, one of the reasons why young people are more resourceful is because they are always ready to sacrifice their time and efforts.

For instance, I used to voluntarily work 3 hours a day and 3 days a week while I was in college. The only payment I used to get then was my bus fees. But the experiences have since then been useful, in fact, that’s what I have been living on today.

#4). Be passionate

This is highly important because you can never get anywhere without being passionate about what you are doing. My mum used to say “oh boy, you have to be aggressively passionate about whatever you choose to do”. Simply put, no passion, no interest!

Please never try to do things because other people have recorded successes while doing it. Always try to do things because you passionately love doing them.


It doesn’t really matter whether your idea is new or not. Remember, it’s not about who did it first, it’s more about who did it better.

#5). Positive attitude

Your attitude towards what you are doing and how serious you are at it could also be a big contributor to your success. This is why they say attitude is a top principle for a successful business.

A successful entrepreneur is not someone who is looking to take the easy route and be part of the crowd. While there are no fixed rules for success, there is a general belief that it takes a certain type of person to succeed in business.

Innovation, confidence, conviction, and unquestioning belief in what you are doing are essential for success in business as these ingredients will ensure that you never stop swimming the second mile.

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