Top 10 Craziest Concept Cars Ever Made….You Won’t Believe It!!!

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Right from the car manufacturing inception, people have come up with some of the craziest concept cars .

While some of the concept cars eventually made the cut and expensively sold, others were left as just mere crazy concept cars.

In this list of “Top 10 Craziest Concept Cars Ever Made”, the writer highlights on some futuristic concept cars that didn’t see the light of the day.

From then till now, cars were made in different shapes, colours, features as well as styles but all with one aim of conveying people around.

Whether modern cars or classic cars, we all know that car designers always wants to wow the public. Therefore, they come with different ideas and concepts in their creativity to come up with designs to “wow” the public.

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Craziest concept cars ever

Starting way back in the 1950s, let us take a look at some of the craziest concept cars unveiled over the last six decades or so.

From the seminal, Bertone BAT aerodynamic studies to a barking mad city car that almost tried to reinvent the wheel. Therefore, you’ll see that there’s never been any shortage of fresh thinking on personal transport.

Below are some of the craziest futuristic cars concepts ever made in the history of automotive designs:


#1].Bertone BAT 3, 5 and 7 (1953)

Check out Bertone BAT 3, 5 and 7 (1953) Craziest Concept CarsBertone created not one but three separate BAT concepts between 1953 and 1955. Designed to explore the possibilities of aerodynamic design, the clue was in the name – BAT stood for Berlinetta Aerodinamica Tecnica.

#2]. Chevrolet Astro III (1961)

Chevrolet Astro III (1961) Craziest Concept CarsIf you’re starting with a clean sheet to design a car, the obvious thing to do is to get the wheel layout spot-on, not just close. Nobody told GM’s designers though; they put the Astro III’s two front wheels within inches of each other.

#3). Italdesign Machimoto (1986)

Italdesign Machimoto (1986) Craziest Concept CarsA cross between a car and a motorbike, the Machimoto was intended to provide cheap transport for up to nine people in developing countries. But comfort clearly wasn’t expected to be too high on the agenda. Or safety.

#4]. Heuliez Pregunta (1998)

Heuliez Pregunta (1998) Craziest Concept CarsPerhaps the most tragic of all concepts are those which take a perfectly good car and turn it into something you really wouldn’t want to be seen looking at, never mind sitting in. This horrific confection used to be a Lamborghini Diablo…

#5]. Honda Fuya-Jo (1999)

Honda Fuya-Jo (1999) Craziest CarsShown at the 1999 Tokyo motor show, Honda Fuya-Jo is a cross between an armoured car and a supermarket trolley. The Fuya-Jo featured a minimal glasshouse plus wheels that looked as though they’d been stolen from a Lego set.

#6). Rinspeed X Dream (1999)

Rinspeed X Dream (1999) futuristic carA truly pointless concept, this was an outrageously powerful pick-up that offered little in the way of comfort or protection from the elements, while also coming with its own hovercraft. So a pretty mainstream market then.

#7]. Citroen Osmose (2000)

Citroen Osmose (2000) According to Citroen, this crazy concept car is said to be “a bold concept which paints a vision of user-friendly vehicle design”. The design was expected to lead to a new form of relationship between pedestrians and motorists while addressing the issue of responsible car use”.

#8]. Nissan Pivo (2005)

Check out Nissan Pivo (2005)Nissan’s engineers took everyday items from the modern car and re-engineered them at what appeared to be maximum cost, to come up with a car that could never be economically viable. This is a ludicrously over-complex design that will cost more to maintain.

#9]. Venturi Eclectic (2006)

Check out Venturi Eclectic (2006)A concept so far removed from reality that it was in another galaxy, the Eclectic produced its own power, with in-built solar panels and a wind turbine. The problem was, it couldn’t generate enough power to be truly usable.

#10]. Assystem City Car (2008)

Assystem City Car (2008)Built-in conjunction with crazy Swiss car builder Franco Sbarro, the Assystem was billed as ‘an intelligent city car’. However, that diamond wheel formation guaranteed an ugly exterior design – and this car redefined the word ugly.

Top 10 Craziest Futuristic Car Concepts Ever Made....You Won't Believe It!!!
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