No doubt about it, some people think that social media marketing is all about Facebook and Twitter.

But the fact is that social media marketing is not just about posting tweets on Twitter and incessant Facebook Page updates.

In other words, there is more to social media than these two popular social networking sites. There are other great social marketing platforms like LinkedIn, YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+ etc.

However, social media is not just about tweeting and marketing your business. The platform is also about answering questions, updating and educating fans and followers.

To-do social media checklist for social media managers

As a business’s social media manager, you need to equip yourself with a to-do list. You need effective daily, weekly, monthly, and even quarterly habits to successfully run social media campaigns.

To-Do Social Media Checklist For Social Media Managers

Therefore, in an attempt to make your business efforts on social media count, you will have to ensure that you are getting the best results from your business’s social media activities.

There is the need for efficient use of time to accomplish the multiple tasks required, from daily content curation to engagement with customers or monitoring brand mentions to keeping an eye on the competition.

The infographic below by Premium IT Solutions showcases to-do social media checklist for business marketing.

Social media checklist for business

This Infographic highlights to-do social media checklist for business marketing
PIN IT: This Infographic highlights to-do social media checklist for business marketing
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