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The State of Search Engine Marketing And Its Importance To Your Business [INFOGRAPHIC]

Anthony Williams By Anthony Williams 2 Min Read
Power your website with SEMrush

Power your website with SEMrush

What is the state of search engine marketing? How have the search engines affected our daily activities… can we live without them?

Can your business do without search engines in this modern and highly competitive market? As a business owner, not being serious about search engines will be harmful to your business sales and overall growth.

The fact is that search engine marketing offers a lot. It is one of the most effective ways to grow a business in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Millions of businesses out there are trying their best to ensure that potential customers easily find them online. With search engine marketing, you can easily get your business in front of potential customers.

When we talk about search marketing nowadays, we as also talking about Internet marketing and it’s highly effective, especially if you have an online business.

The state of search engine marketing

Nowadays, people use the internet and search engines for different purposes. Some use it for shopping while others use it just to find information about something.

People search and will continue to search certain keywords on search engines, and if your business is discovered in the process, it can lead to sales and revenue generation.

“Did you know that over 90 percent of online experiences start with a search engine? Well, it’s true and any marketer wanting to increase traffic from search engines should take note. But how exactly can you achieve search success and should SEO or PPC take precedence?”

The importance of search marketing today is shown in Smart Insights infographic below. The infographic shows the importance of search drawing on the latest data from SimilarWeb on the level of consumer demand through searching and including practical advice and analysis from some of the top places to learn about search like Moz, Search Engine Land and Searchmetrics.


The Importance of Search Engine Marketing To Your Business

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