The New Facebook for WordPress Plugin has been created by Facebook in their efforts to reach out to millions of people already using WordPress CMS platform.

According to Facebook engineer Matt Kelly, who recently made the announcement known to the public on the site’s Developer Blog, the New Facebook for WordPress plugin was built by Facebook engineers in collaboration with open source partners, and makes it simple for anyone to make their WordPress site more social – no coding required.

Why the new Facebook for WordPress Plugin?

WordPress, which has become the most popular publishing platform on the Web, powering 16.6 percent of all sites, has once again come alive with a collaboration with Facebook to create what some people has been termed “juicy social plugin”.

Considering the fact that over 50 percent of the top 100 blogs in the world use WordPress, Facebook knows that as more and more blogs are being created, the very best thing to do is probably to find a mean of making it easy for WordPress users to connect to their Facebook.

The juicy side of the new Facebook for WordPress Plugin

The juicy side of the announcement is the “no coding required” term used, making it sounds like a pug and play plugin. We have also been told that it will work for mobile and support internationalization. Doesn’t that sound really cool?

With this new Facebook for WordPress Plugin, social publishing means you can choose to mention Facebook friends or pages as you create your post. You can also specify a message that will be posted with the content.

Once published, the content of the post of page will show up on all of the friends and pages’ Facebook Timelines, resulting in more distribution for your site, and the Facebook mentions will show up in the post itself. Depending on your settings, it will also appear on Facebook Timelines.

Available WordPress widgets

According to the Facebook blog, the following social plugins are available as WordPress widgets:

#1). Activity Feed:
Shows readers their friends’ activity on the site, such as likes and comments.

#2). Recommendations:
Gives readers personalized suggestions for pages on your site they might like, as well as a Recommendations Bar option to give users the option to add content to their Timeline as they read.

#3). Customisable Like, Subscribe and Send buttons.

#4). Comments Box:
Makes it easy for people to comment on your site and post back to Facebook, and includes moderation tools. The plugin also features automatic SEO support for Facebook Comments, so search engines can index them to improve your site’s visibility.


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  1. I think this is a good development for us all that are using wordpress. This tells you all that WordPress is much more popular than Joomla. Otherwise, Facebook would have considered Joomla too!

  2. Facebook’s value has drastically fell since the company got listed
    So, it’s a great idea for them to come up with this
    They need more people to use their platform!


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