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Why Your Blog Needs Good Analytics Tools

Adeyemi Adisa By Adeyemi Adisa 7 Min Read

Today’s world of blogging is surely much more competitive than ever. And for this reason alone, your blog needs good analytics tools to be able to stay ahead.

Are you new to blogging and want to start your own blog and make money? First of all, you will need to learn how to start a profitable blogging business with few resources.

Nowadays, there is more to blogging and you be aware of this. In essence, blogging is more than just posting new content and sharing them on social media.

As a matter of fact, every blogger needs one of the more essential blogging tools to help them blog better and take their blog to the next level.

If your blog is powered with WordPress, then there are tons of powerful WordPress plugins out there that you can use to help your blog perform better.

The Importance of Analytics Tools

Nowadays, there are several different tools and strategies that you can use when running a blog. You can make use of these tools and strategies to make your blog run more effectively.

When it comes to blogging tools, analytics tools are one of the best tools that you should probably implement on your blog. But why should you use analytics tools on your blog?

Well, there are so many benefits that come with having analytics tools on your blog. Below are some of the reasons why analytics tools are essential for the success of your site.

#1]. Understanding your readers

Having analytics tools on your blog means finding out who your readers are and understanding how they interact with your blog. This simply means you will be able to figure out who is actually reading your blog.


When you set up analytics on your blog, you’ll be able to understand where your web traffic is coming from and see who is checking out your blog the most.

Analyse your website performance
Analyse your website performance

For example, analytics tools can help you identify your readers’ gender and whether the majority of your readers are male or female. Also, you could use this tool to find out your readership age group and distribution.

Other great information such as your readership’s level of education can also be identified through analytics tools. This useful information can be valuable when it comes to tailoring the future content for your site.

#2]. Measuring your SEO efforts

Nowadays, blogging is not just about creating and posting awesome content. Actually, it’s also about optimizing your blog for people to find it on the search engines.

Therefore, if you are involved in creating blogs, you’ll also have to engage in search engine optimization. This is the best way to boost your blog visibility on the search engines and generate more traffic for free.

Having a great analytics tool like Oribi analytics can help you understand your traffic sources. Also, you will be able to know how much of your traffic comes from the search engines, and keywords that brought them there.

This is the best way to know how well your SEO efforts are paying off. As a matter of fact, you will struggle to know this without implementing analytics on your blog.

#3]. Improving your blog performance

Do you want to improve your site performance? Having an analytics tool on your website can equip you will all the information you need to boost and improve your website.

With the data and information from analytics, you can easily make changes that will directly improve your site performance. Installing Google Analytics or Oribi will offer all the data you need to determine how your site rank in the search engines.

the benefits of analytics tools

For example, you can use the bounce rate to improve your site performance. If your site has a high bounce rate, it could mean that you need to work more on the quality of your pages and content. You can use this information to help your site rank better.

#4]. Finding topics your visitors like

Another great benefit of using analytics tools is the fact that you will be able to find out the hot topics your visitors like. This is very important when it comes to blogging because you will be able to know the kinds of content your visitors are interested in most.


Through this understanding, you will be able to easily create valuable content that people are likely going to share. Actually, this is essential if you want to make sure that the content you create is interesting to your readers.

Analytics helps you understand the hottest topics so that you can delve into them deeper. You will be able to see which pages on your site are visited the most.

Not only that, but you also be able to identify and understand the pages that get the most repeat visitors, and how long people are staying on the pages.

At times, blogging is not just about writing any topics you like. So, if you really want to successfully run blogging as a business, you have to be current and follow the latest trends.

The fact is that you can easily uncover emerging trends if you install and use analytics on your website. You have to be able to correctly identify trends if you want to be a successful blogger. This is how to easily get in front of your competitors.



Why Your Blog Needs Good Analytics Tools
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