Business marketers are now making use of Instagram for effective internet marketing strategies not only to generate leads but also to promote business brands to millions of Instagram users.

The popularity of social media has immensely contributed to the effectiveness of Internet Marketing strategies and activities such as content marketing, search engines rankings and others to help drive traffics and grow online business.

Instagram is particularly on the bullet train for total photo-marketing domination, and with its user base expanding faster than the universe, it provides a cornucopia of opportunity for B2B marketing.

What business marketers think about Instagram

Instagram for business marketers

For business marketers, what makes Instagram a great tool for effective internet marketing is its simplicity that allows a wide variety of applications.

Simply put, the simplicity of Instagram is making it to quickly become an essential element to any successful visual content marketing strategy.

In this infographic, Marketo explores the social photo-sharing site turned marketing platform and how it can give your company an edge in generating leads and promoting your brand.




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