The Brutal Side of #MeToo – What Happens When People Are Falsely Accused?

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The allegations of sexual assault on Twitter and other social media platforms are on the rise, especially post #MeToo environment.

While some of these turned out to be accurate and led to long-overdue accountability on the sexual predator’s behalf, the others were, sadly, fabricated.

Being falsely accused of a sexual assault on social media platforms is heart-wrenching and has serious repercussions. The damage may be irreparable if not dealt with effectively and swiftly.

Are you falsely accused of a sexual crime?

Well, reading on, you’ll discover the rise in untrue sexual assault allegations being posted on social media platforms and how these negatively impact an individual’s personal and professional life.

Also, you’ll get a gist of the steps you can take and why getting in touch with a sex crimes attorney is essential to refute the accusations.

What’s Sexual-Assault Allegation?

What does it even mean to face a sexual-assault allegation? Being defamed of committing a sex crime is in itself stressful. These sexual misconduct allegations bring public embarrassment and ridicule.

The #MeToo Movement has given people an opportunity to speak publicly and tell their stories. At the same time, this move provides empowerment to the assault victims who otherwise have been suppressing the pain they underwent. However, it also opens doors to false misconduct allegations or even worse.

Faking a social media account and posting an allegation about the innocent is pretty straightforward. And the worst part is a fake account helps protect their identity, leaving the other person with events of shame. The options of defending themselves aren’t very many.

After-effects of False Accusation

As previously mentioned, the allegations are serious- as they should be. Sexual abuse and rape are awful and tend to cause long-lasting harm. Some of the effects of being wrongly accused are:

  • #1]. Shame and Embarrassment
  • #2]. Self-Harming Thoughts
  • #3]. Dropping Out of School
  • #4]. Loss of Support From Family & Friends
  • #5]. Inability to Gain Employment Opportunities
  • #6]. Resignation or Termination from Job

However, these don’t end even if the person’s name has been cleared. The effects follow, for decades, sometimes!

Steps To Take When You’re Falsely Accused

What are the steps to take when you’re falsely accused? If you’ve been accused, you may feel like it’s the end of the world. The suspicious eyes and lack of trust might take you by storm.

However, don’t panic; instead, gather yourself to clear your name and restore the lost reputation. Are you wondering about the forward steps? Well, here’s a list of what you should do to minimize damage:

#1]. Reach Out to an Internet Defamation/ Criminal Defense Attorney

Your very first step should be to connect with a sex crime attorney for legal advice and discuss your options. An experienced lawyer may help you with:

  • #1]. Removing the accusation from the internet
  • #2]. Compiling and preserving the necessary evidence
  • #3]. Unmasking the anonymous posters
  • #4]. Obtaining injunctive relief for preventing the future harassment
  • #5]. Filing defamation lawsuit

If a law enforcement officer of the (supposed) victim contacts you, it is always better to reach out to a criminal defense attorney to protect your interests.

#2]. Never Respond

Responding to the act may turn the tables against you and draw unwanted attention to the matter. While it may seem complicated, staying quiet and not defending yourself is advisable. Instead, leave your defense to the representation.

#3]. Maintain Distance from the Accuser

Now that you’ve decided not to respond to this person, do not track them down and confront them in person. It may make the situation worse and may lead to other legal issues like stalking and harassment.

#4]. Take Charge of Your Emotions

The legal professionals suggest not making any rash decisions based on your emotions. While it is okay to feel confused, angry, and frustrated, it is best to keep your cool and think clearly.

#5]. Preserve the Accusation Evidence

When falsely accused, making rational decisions may seem impossible. However, the legal experts suggest taking a screenshot of the allegation. This timely action works the best when you decide to pursue legal action against the defamatory.

Let’s say the false accusation about you is deleted, and you still consider filing a defamation lawsuit as appropriate. But, if you don’t have evidence of the false allegation, you will have to dismiss the suit and receive no claim at all.

#6]. Assess the Possible Motives

When considering working with an attorney, it’s important to brainstorm what might have motivated the person to accuse you of a sex crime.

Thinking of this may help the attorney assess the best strategy for your case. In addition to these, make sure you document the timeline and prepare the list of all the possible witnesses.

The Verdict

If you’re a victim of a false sexual assault, it is wise to connect with a sex crime attorney as soon as possible. And, why not? Being accused of a sex crime may ruin every aspect of your life – your reputation, liberty, and employment.

Thus, with the help of a lawyer, you’ll have success in fighting against these false allegations. While the #MeToo movement brought justice to many people, it also sparked rumors of assault against the innocent.

Thereby, understanding the position of the accused plays a pivotal role. Chances are excellent for these to be false, after all.



The Brutal Side of #MeToo and Being Falsely Accused
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