There is no other better way for brands to get the best results out of their marketing efforts than to target the right audience.

Nowadays, business marketing has to be done in a way that a certain segment of the audience is targeted.

Various studies have shown that brands with targeted marketing usually get better results. Consequently, brands are now focusing and investing more in targeted marketing.

This is why certain services and products such as students finance will traditionally target young people for better results.

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How Business Marketing Can Easily Target Mothers

No doubt about it, mums are part of the market segments that have not been properly reached out to by brands and marketers. But is your business also making this avoidable mistake?

how brands and marketers can target mothers with mums-related marketing

According to a recent research, the majority of mothers in the United States (51%) say advertisers do a bad job with their mum-related marketing by presenting outdated views of who they are and what they want.

So how well are brands and marketers performing when it comes to mum-related marketing? So how can brands do a better job with marketing to mums? Our friends at MDG Advertising has come up with a well-researched and beautifully done infographic –
Marketing to Moms: 5 Things Brands Need to Know – that highlights the basic facts brands need to understand. The infographic highlights 5 basick facts about mums market as below:

  • 1. The Mom Market Is Enormous and Diverse
  • 2. Women Are an Extraordinarily Valuable Audience
  • 3. Reaching Moms Requires the Right Messaging
  • 4. The Traditional Media Habits of Moms Are Changing
  • 5. Moms Are Deeply Engaged with Digital Channels

Having highlighted the enormous size and the diversities there in the mum market, the infographic then talks about what brands need to remember when marketing to mums.

5 SMART Ways Brands And Marketers Can Easily Target Mothers

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