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GOOGLE and big brother internet

Big Brother Internet: 5 Clever Ways To Trace Your Online Activities Through Google

The internet is so huge with a massive amount of data but it's also highly monitored. Here are 5 clever ways to trace your online activities through Google
Google's new Android O features

Top 5 Interesting Android O Features That Will Actually Benefit Consumers

Google's new Android O features that will actually benefit consumers and developers. Android O announcement, release dates and developer previews
how to easily become successful young entrepreneur

5 Great Internet Entrepreneurs That Changed The Way We Interact Through Social Media

Internet entrepreneurs like Jack Dorsey of Twitter and Mark Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook have changed the ways we interact through Social Media and made communication with each other much more easier.
Google plus one becomes a talking point

What Is Your Google+ First Impressions? Does Google+ Deserves Facebook Comparisons?

As Google introduced its Google+, many observers suggested Facebook rivalry. What is your Google+ first impressions? Does Google+ deserves Facebook comparisons? Well, yes and no.


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