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Facebook is a popular social networking sites with global reach. It’s a good social media platform for business marketing. See how to market your business on Facebook

Companies acquired by Facebook

65 Facebook Acquisitions That SHOCKED The World [Infographic]

This infographic showcases the complete list of companies acquired by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg from August 2005 till date.
Facebook iphone app

How To Easily Improve Your Business Reach On Facebook [INFOGRAPHIC]

How to easily improve your business reach on Facebook. Facebook infographic on how your business's Facebook fanpage can reach more potential customers more than before.
Facebook ecommerce marketing

Why Facebook Will Continue To Dominate Social E-commerce Marketing

That Facebook is the king of social ecommerce is not a surprise at all as the social media giant is the number one social networking platform. So will Facebook continue to be business's best means of social media-generated sales for the foreseeable future?
Instagram marketing ideas and strategies

Why Your Business Should Be More Active On Instagram Than Facebook [Infographic]

Instagram performs better in organic search than Facebook. This is why your business should be more active on Instagram than Facebook.
Facebook social networking website

Extinguished By Facebook: Top 6 Social Networking Websites We Used To Know Before Facebook...

Social networking websites have been around before Facebook came into the scene. Here are popular social networking websites that we used to know before Facebook popularity
Facebook for business marketing

Facebook Marketing: 4 Wrong Moves That Are Preventing Your Business From Maximising The Benefits...

Facebook marketing is popular amongst businesses on the social media platform. The following are four ways your business can maximise the benefits of Facebook Marketing.
Facebook social networking website

Facebook Acquires LiveRail As Online And Mobile Ad Sector Enjoys Rapid Growth

Facebook has acquired LiveRail to cash in on the recent rapid growth in online and mobile ad sector. LiveRail is online video ad tech startup that delivers more than seven billion video ads per month.
Twitter profiles

Is The New Twitter Profile Page A Copy Of Facebook Profile Page? Is It...

Twitter introduces new Twitter Profile page that looks like Facebook profile pages, but can it helps Twitter to increase its revenues from advertising?
Facebook buys whatsapp

Privacy Groups Challenged Facebook Over WhatsApp Purchase

Facebook's purchase of WhatsApp mobile messaging service has been opposed by privacy groups.
Facebook website

Facebook Redesign Features, Goes Back To Basics With Latest News Feed Redesign, Less Clutter,...

Facebook redesign features as the social media giant went back to basics with latest News Feed redesign, bigger photos
Facebook and WhatsApp

How Facebook-WhatsApp Relationship Could Make A Good Business Sense

Can Facebook-WhatsApp relationship make business sense? WhatsApp does give Facebook inroads into international markets and, as importantly, to a younger demographic. But could that be enough for the tech giant?
Facebook buys whatsapp

Facebook Bought Messaging App WhatsApp For $19bn, Does It Really Worth That?

Facebook has bought messaging app WhatsApp in a deal worth a total of $19bn (£11.4bn) in cash and shares.


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