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learning from experience helps in business matters

How Learning from Experience Helps in Business and Life Matters

Learning from experience is one of the best ways to make your business succeed. Life teaches us so many lessons and it's our responsibility to make use of the experience to create new opportunities.
how to be a better business owner

4 Habits That Will Make You A Better Business Owner

Anyone can start and run a new business but you have to do more to be a better business owner. As an entrepreneur, here are the habits you need to develop to improve your abilities and be more successful in your career.
your small business to the next level

4 CREATIVE Ways To Easily Take Your Small Business To The Next Level

Every CEO wants to take their small business to the next level. But can you do that nowadays without spending a fortune? This is how CEOs can take their small business to the next level...
business negotiation skills and techniques

Persuasive Business Negotiation Skills And Techniques That Never Fail [Infographic]

Have you got good business negotiation skills? Are you a good business negotiator? This infographic highlights the art of negotiation and how to get good deals.
Legendary Muhammad Ali

Best Motivational Quotes From Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali was a legendary professional boxer and one of the greatest sport personalities ever. Below are some of the best motivational quotes from Muhammad Ali
business customer relationships handshake

5 Essential Business Relationships Your Startup Should Be Building Right Now

Can you get the best out of your staff without making them feel appreciated? Below are top 5 essential business relationships your startup should be building right now.
Young woman choosing tablet pc computer set with shop assistant in home appliance shopping mall supermarket

SIX Ingenious Ways You Can Effectively Improve Customer Interactions With Your Business

No doubt about it, improving your business and customer interactions is one of the best ways to keep your customers coming back. This article highlights some of the best ways you can effectively improve your business and customer interactions.
how small business can save money on overhead

3 SMART Ways Your Business Can Actually Save Money On Overhead And Operating Costs

How your business can save money on overhead and operating costs. How to use budget billing programme and manufacturing software to save money on running cost.
Bundles of twenty pound sterling bank notes

4 SMART Ways You Can Easily Finance Your Dream Business In Financial Crisis

So how do you finance your dream business in this bad global economy? The painful fact is that it's hard to get a business idea bankrolled either by some certain individuals or a bank. Check out some awesome means you can finance your dream business.
Best franchise business model

How Franchise Business Model Can Provide A Proven Business Format

Franchise business model is not new, but can it actually be a proven business format for aspiring entrepreneurs? Starting and running a small business can not be underestimated. Many fail, even in the good times. See why franchise could be a better option
Business marketing made easy

5 Essential Stuff You Must Get Right Before Marketing A New Startup

Marketing a new startup is not as easy as some people might think no matter how awesome your products or services are. Check out essential stuff you must get right before marketing a new startup
Business success and successful people

Entrepreneur Success And General Business Expectations

Entrepreneur success usually attracts friendship and celebration especially when considering how a startup began its journey.


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