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how young entrepreneurs can stay focused and productive

Smart Ways Young Entrepreneurs Can Stay Focused and Be More Productive

Time is an important resource in entrepreneurship but it's never enough to get things done. Here are smart ways young entrepreneurs can stay focused and be more productive
entrepreneurs multitasking problems

5 Bad Habits Young Entrepreneurs Should Break To Be More Productive

Here are some of the bad habits that young entrepreneurs should break away from to be more productive and the best ways to improve on them.
how to keep motivation high

5 Effective Ways To Keep Your Motivation High

Motivation is crucial whether you are working on your own business or keeping an idea alive. Here are 5 effective ways to keep your motivation high
Legendary Muhammad Ali

Best Motivational Quotes From Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali was a legendary professional boxer and one of the greatest sport personalities ever. Below are some of the best motivational quotes from Muhammad Ali
So what’s the best time to start a business?

Window Of Opportunity: The Best Times To Start A Business [Infographic]

There is this question of the right time to start a business people always ask. This window of opportunity infographic helps us understand the right time to start a business.
Best TED Talks Videos for young entrepreneurs

Best TED Talks Videos For Young Entrepreneurs And CEOs

Here are some of the most popular and best TED talks videos for young entrepreneurs.
entrepreneur success and successful people

Few Things You Can Do To Change Your Life And Make Yourself A Better...

Want to improve yourself? Want to make yourself a better person? Want to be more productive in the new year? This is how to change your life and make yourself a better person in the new year
motivational books for young entrepreneurs

5 Great Motivational Books Young Entrepreneurs Will Ever Need For Inspiration

Entrepreneur inspirations can come from anywhere and at any time. Check out these motivational and inspirational books that can inspire you as an entrepreneur.
entrepreneurship success and successful entrepreneurs

These 5 Valuable Success Recipes Can Motivate Aspiring Young Entrepreneurs

Success or being a successful entrepreneur is one of the sweetest things in life which not many people have been able to accomplished. So have you got the key to a successful future?
Starting A New Business? 5 Smart Business Management Tips You Should Consider

Starting A New Business? Here Are Smart Business Management Tips You Should Consider For...

Starting a business and reinventing yourself can help pave way for a successful future. This is one of the most important steps to take towards a meaningful life. Are you ready to take the risk?
genius Kelvin Doe from Sierra Leone

Inspiration Corner: Young And Self-Taught Engineering Whiz From Sierra Leone, Wows MIT Experts

By inventing creative solutions to his daily problems, Kelvin Doe is fostering growth and bringing fundamental change to his community and Sierra Leone.
why attitude is a top principle for successful businessmen

Attitude As A Top Principle For A Successful Entrepreneur

A successful entrepreneur is not someone who is looking to take the easy route and be part of the crowd. Attitude as a top principle is a key ingredient for being a successful entrepreneur.


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