Do you know that there are lots of stuff you are paying for which you should never be paying for? I said you should never be paying for them because most of these stuff are actually free.

If you are looking for ways to save money on your daily expenses, then you I suggest you should start checking your bills and try to figure out how to save some money.

It’s undeniable that we are all looking for ways to reduce our expenses but the fact is that most of these expenses are being spent on stuff or activities we should never have paid for.

Stuff you are paying for which you should never have

MoneyIn most cases, we pay for lots of stuff we can actually get for free not because of our generosity but because we didn’t know.

Most businesses will try really hard to make sure that we pay for their services, whereas, we might be able to get exact services free somewhere else if we have a proper look.

Some people have a long list of stuff they should never have paid a dime for. Some of these stuff might surprise you because you have been paying for them for way too long. Below are 5 stuff you are paying for which you should never pay for:

#1). Cable television

Why paying for Cable television when you can get lots of Freeview channels free?I have this as first in the list because I was able to save almost £30 a month when I got rid of my cable television. Yes, it is good to have television with lots of channels in the house most especially if you have kids in the house. But what most of us do not know is that most of these cable channels are free on Freeview which only requires a one-off payment for the set-top box.

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In fact, more than half of the television channels I have been paying for on my Virgin Media are all free-to-air channels (which means that they are free and we shouldn’t be paying for them). Millions of people out there are paying their hard-earned money for cable TV which I personally think is an unnecessary expense.

If you are on digital satellite package like Sky, it’s time to start thinking on how to get rid of the package and save yourself some money. You can call your digital satellite television provider to cancel the services, you will still be able to receive lots of free-to-air channels that include sports, music, news, movies and others. You can also get loads of these channels, movies and TV shows free online.

British bank notes

#2). Bank account overdraft charges

If you use your bank account overdraft facility, you should expect the bank to charge you some fees for the usage. In this respect, most banks charge quite much on their overdraft usage and this bank charge couple with your other monthly expenses could further put you in more debt.

If you are really interested in managing your finances properly, you should get rid of the overdraft facility on your bank account. Your bank can do it for you, just tell them that you don’t want it.

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Also, depending on how much you use in your overdraft, some banks don’t charge for overdraft as long as you can get the repayment before the month ends.

#3). Broadband internet access

If you live close to public broadband internet hotspot, you don't have to pay for broadbandToday, broadband internet access is one of the most used services that’s connected to nearly every home and office in the city. Before you sign up for a broadband service, make sure you have checked whether your street offers free wireless hotspot.

This is because most of the streets in the city have been connected to offer free wireless hotspot services. Apart from this, you can also get online through your mobile phone internet data.

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Rather than wasting your money on both broadband internet service and a contract or prepaid mobile phone, you can get rid of the broadband and start using your mobile internet data to get online.

#4). Books, news, email

Stop paying for newspapers, you can get better and breaking news free online Books: Why paying for books when you can actually borrow books from your local library? Also, there are loads of digital books as well as audio books out there that you can download free of charge.

News: Why paying for newspapers or online news subscriptions when you can get news free online from so many news websites? You can also watch most of the world major news channels online without paying a dime!

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Email: I wonder why people still pay to use email services when there are lots of good free email services and email clients like Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail and others. Many of these email services you are paying for might not be as good as the free ones.

#5). ATM fees, contraception and condoms

You can get condoms and contraception stuff free from your local health clinicsI have always wondered why people pay to use ATM when they can use the ones that do not charge. Even in a situation where you can’t find these charge-free ATMs nearby, you can use cash back facility offer in some supermarkets.

Just walk into any supermarket and buy something small like a pack of gum but make sure you ask whether they do cash back before you make the payment. This is because not all the supermarkets offer cash back facility.

Condoms: Why paying for condoms when they are available for free? Stop paying for contraception and condoms, you can get them free from your GP or practice nurse, community contraceptive clinics, genitourinary medicine (GUM) clinics, sexual health clinics, sexual health service as well as contraceptive clinics.


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