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Don’t buy Samsung Galaxy S6! Top 5 Stuff To Hate About Samsung Galaxy S6 And S6 Edge

Adeyemi Adisa By Adeyemi Adisa 8 Min Read

The newly-announced Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge are premium smartphones that will attract lots of interest. Its metal finish can be an added advantage.

Also, the Galaxy S6 is expected to be available in four different colours – gold, white and black and “blue topaz”.

Yes, the new Galaxy S6 and its huge range of cutting-edge features, like beautiful craftsmanship, amazing performance, and better cameras will make the device stand out.

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However, the electronic giant has done away with some favourite features that differentiate their devices, especially the Samsung Galaxy series from others like Apple’s iPhone.

Stuff I hate about Samsung Galaxy S6

So what are the stuff to hate about Samsung Galaxy S6? Or let me put it this way: what are the stuff to dislike about Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge?

Yes, Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge are going to be smartphones to love by many but unfortunately, not every Android fan will admire the device because of certain features that are not present in it.

The new Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge

There have been mixed reactions to Samsung’s removal of certain key features in pursuit of the design model so favoured by Apple. Though Samsung Galaxy S6 actual release dates have not been made yet, below are some of the stuff to hate about Samsung Galaxy S6:


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#1]. No MicroSD card slot

One of the features that made the Samsung Galaxy series popular is the ability to expand the phone memory through the external memory card slot. This feature alone made Samsung Galaxy smartphones become a favourite amongst its expanding consumers who are mostly young people.

But the new Galaxy S6 has no removable storage which means that users can’t expand the memory limit. That means what you buy is what you’re stuck with – 32GB, 64GB, or 128GB of storage.

That may seem a lot, but previous Samsung smartphones supported microSD cards, which were a cheap and effective way to add up to 128GB of storage and transfer that storage between devices.

Most smartphone users prefer to load movies, TV shows, ebooks, photos, and music onto their microSD cards to keep the internal storage free for apps and then move to a new device when needed.

Instead, the Galaxy S6 includes far more internal storage than its predecessors, but it has lost that flexibility to add more, which many people loved.

#2]. No removable battery

The removable battery is another Samsung favourite that has been sacrificed in the newly announced Samsung Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge.

The fact that other major manufacturers such as Apple and HTC don’t feature removable batteries in the products doesn’t mean that Samsung should copy them too. If anything, the company should have stayed with a removable battery which made for an important differentiator.

We all know that one of the major problems of smartphones is the battery problem. And even though the smartphone’s battery life is getting better, it doesn’t help overall longevity.

Most smartphones are charged at least three days a week, and as the battery is discharged and recharged, the capacity diminishes. This is why having a removable battery is good as it allows users to swap it out when it started to lose capacity.

Replacing a battery that is not removable is not often possible by consumers, requiring a trip to a repair shop or risk damaging the phone while trying to take it apart, which is increasingly difficult.

#3]. It’s not even waterproof

Waterproofing a smartphone makes it more durable. I can’t just believe that Samsung can get rid of this amazing feature it introduced in the previous edition – Galaxy S5 – that made consumers love the device.


The Galaxy S5 was waterproof to IP67 standards or 1m of freshwater for up to 30 minutes. It meant that a dunk in the toilet wasn’t an issue. But that is just it because this new device is not water-resistant.

The new Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge is not water resistant

Sony has previously proved that it’s possible to waterproof a smartphone without any downside by having both the headphones port and USB port exposed. But certainly not the Galaxy S6 as it is no longer waterproof.

And as expected, some of the users have been voicing their concerns over why Samsung removed this feature in the newly announced Galaxy S6.

#4]. It’s more like an iPhone

For some faithful Android fans who hate Apple’s iPhone with passion, I don’t think that Samsung Galaxy S6 is the best option because there are just little differences between the two devices.

More than 70% of the comments on/about Galaxy S6 on the Internet and social media have pointed out the fact that it looks exactly like Apple’s iPhone 6. In fact, some commentators are already calling it an iPhone running Android OS.

We can all recall that Apple has previously accused Samsung of copying some of its product’s features but I guess the comparison will be much more closer this time around.

#5]. It’s made of glass!

No doubt about it, Samsung Galaxy S6 is awesome but it’s made of glass and metal. The S6 is an all-metal and glass affair meaning that the company has ditched its trademark chromed plastic construction.

It seems like Samsung’s decision to get rid of plastic in Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge has been influenced by some reviewers who keep harping on about its phones being made of plastic.

So with a curved metal band that surrounds the edges of the phone, which hold together a glass front and back, Samsung has gone down the “style over substance” route and put the phone in a shiny package.

However, this is a massive disappointment for some users who use a phone because of its functionality, rather than as a fashion accessory or status symbol.


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  • I can’t just believe that Samsung can get rid of the removable back panel that has made its products some of the most favourited.

    The question to be asked is that: must Samsung copy everything about iPhone? I personally don’t see Samsung going anywhere with this stupid mistake.

  • Adeyemi Adisa, you are right on point with this article and I bet Samsung is gonna loose some of its customers because of this phone. The idea behind this phone wasn’t perfectly thought out at all. It’s a huge mistake to get rid of all them features simply because other manufacturers are doing the same. What happened to being unique?

  • Yea, All I can say is WHATEVER, EVER you do, do not buy this horrible edge s6 phone!! There is absolutely no way I can explain this experience or rather experiment ! It cost a lot of money and you will lose calls all day long, like anout every call..

    I cannot stay on a single call without getting dropped… Also, no matter how much I complain to T Mobile, well not do anything, they tried telling me it was an issue with technical issue with the area which of course it wasn’t.

    Finally I get it out of them that yes it is basically new and experimental and Samsung is working on to fix all the issues, as I sat on the phone 3 hours with T Mobile, and was dropped 3 times!!!

    It won’t even keep me on hold long enough for a Doctor’s appointment! Also, it wouldn’t even let me call out only send messages not even to T Mobile 611 customer care, which no matter what, always works, as I’m almost a 12 your customer.

    IF I had I’ve been in a wreck on the side of the road I would have been in trouble. it’s a very unsafe, unpredictable phone that will make you miserable if you depend on a good reliable cell phone. Stay away from this “experimental project” Sandhill all the links are fixed.

  • Very sorry for all the misspellings and and unpunctuated sentences in my above warning.
    I had to turn automatic “everything ” off, as that was even creating problems.
    it’s very difficult to hold the phone without it causing an issue..
    It really is almost impossible, even if you treat it like a feather … It will still screw up!!!

    • I think you are not alone. I have only had mine for 3 months and I must say that it’s the worst Samsung phone I have used. I regretted not going for Note 4 instead of this crap thing they call smartphone

  • Galaxy s6 stinks its stinks and doesn’t work right i hate i want my new phone sent in the mail and i will send this piece of crap back

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