No doubt about it, storytelling via video marketing has become an integral part of modern business marketing. It has helped to bring some brands to life and strengthen their marketing impacts.

With content marketing becoming one of the top marketing strategies in this digital marketing era, what other ways to get people to hear you than to tell a story?

Storytelling is a powerful marketing tool because when people hear a story they usually feel they could relate to the story presented and wanted to be a part of it. This is why so many brands are making use of storytelling to get the attention of their targeted audience.

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Can storytelling work for you too?

big marketingSo can your business leverage the power of storytelling? How can you use visual storytelling to make your business marketing campaigns successful?

We have heard people saying storytelling doesn’t work for everyone – that’s to say every business doesn’t benefit from ‘storytelling marketing’. Yes, this could be true but it doesn’t actually mean your business will not benefit.

The fact is that to sell through new ideas, you must present compelling yet easily digestible facts that are easy to communicate up the ladder. This is why storytelling isn’t just about telling a story, it’s also about presentation and how the story is told.

Storytelling works for anyone and you too can use it as a marketing strategy because all it requires is imagination and creativity, not money.

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Want to become a better data storyteller?

The fact is that the act of storytelling and content marketing complement each other. But how do you become a better storyteller? What should be and shouldn’t be in your story?

To some people, this doesn’t always come naturally. But with a little practice, anyone can become a great data storyteller. The infographic below courtesy of FoxMetrics offers a few ideas to get you started.

Want to become a better data storyteller?


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