Don’t Know Why You Should Stop Comparing Yourself to Other People? Here are the reasons…

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stop comparing yourself to other people

At times, nothing kills us more than the feeling that we are not good enough. In most cases, people usually arrive at this kind of feeling when they compare themselves to others.

However, this is a potentially bad feeling that can wreck your personality or lead to self-destruction. This is why you should stop comparing yourself to other people.

Most of us sometimes struggle to understand why things just don’t work out the ways we want. There’s nothing wrong in that; it’s a natural thing to do when things ain’t working.

Why you should stop comparing yourself to other people

Many of us started comparing ourselves to others right from our school days and in some activities such as sports. Then as we get older, we tend to shift our focus and comparison to other metrics such as job title, income level, and personal successes.

Double personality....stop comparing youself

It seems there is an endless number of metrics upon which we can compare ourselves to others. Also, it seems there is a limitless number of people we can compare ourselves nowadays. This means there is always something and someone to compare ourselves to. However, this is not a healthy way to improve ourselves and better our lives.

The fact is that comparing ourselves to other people is all about emotions and it’s in human nature. But unfortunately, it doesn’t mean things will drastically improve for us. In short, comparing yourself to other people won’t make things alright for you.

It’s a perilous decision that only steals joy from our lives. So, you still don’t understand what comparison does to you? Below are the reasons why you should stop comparing yourself to other people.

#1]. Comparisons rob you of precious time

They say time and tide wait for no man. So, when you spend your precious time comparing yourself to others it means you are wasting your time. You don’t know why? Because you could have spent that particular time on some result-oriented activities. Stop comparing yourself to others and rather channel your energy towards how you can make yourself a better person.


#2]. Humans are unique creatures

Humans are uniquely created and this is why we think and do things differently. This means you can never fairly compare your strength, ability, and endurance to others. What you need to do is to discover your uniqueness and build upon your capability to make yourself a better person.

The fact is that we are all too unique to fairly compare ourselves to others. We are all blessed with talents and gifted with vital skills to make us successful in our own unique way. In short, your successes and value are entirely unique to you and your purpose in life. So, stop comparing and start exploring every possibility to make yourself a better person.

stop comparing yourself to other people

#3]. Comparisons add no value to your life

One of the key effects of self-comparisons is that fact that it adds no value to your life. Also, it adds no meaning or fulfillment to your life and what you wanted to achieve in life. In fact, comparisons instead deprive you of joy, excitement and kill your creative instincts. It usually distracts and leads to self-destruction of which you may never recover from if you are not careful enough.

#4]. Comparisons can lead to disappointment

Comparisons will never lead you to anywhere great other than disappointment in yourself. Rather than appreciating your very own uniqueness, you will be filled with dejections and the feeling of disappointment. Comparisons often result in dissatisfaction, bitterness, and resentment towards others and towards ourselves.

#5]. Comparison is an unfair exercise

You can never be fair to yourself when it comes to comparison. This is one of the reasons why you should stop comparing yourself to other people. Also, comparison only helps you to focus on the wrong person rather than focusing on yourself.

When you constantly compare yourself to other people, you are doing nothing other than wasting your precious energy. The fact is that people typically compare the worst they know of themselves to the best they presume about others. This is why comparisons are always unfair. You have nothing to gain, but much to lose such as your pride, your dignity, and others.


Why You Should Stop Comparing Yourself to Other People
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