Social media marketing is an online marketing activity that can lead to huge, game changing effects on your business if successfully planned and carried out.

Mind you, this type of marketing does take time but if properly done or carried out, social media marketing can effectively help propel your business.

Yes, the right social media marketing is extremely effective if properly incorporated into your online marketing plan.

Having incorporated social media marketing into your marketing strategies, you will have to focus on the results, check and juxtapose figures.

Social media does take time, but many surveys have recently reported that small businesses can almost instantly see results of their investment of less than 10 hours per week on their social media marketing through increased traffic and conversions.

Your business, social media marketing and SEO companies

You don’t have to do everything by yourself because social media marketing can also be done through SEO company.

Social media marketing

So if you do not have the time to personally spend for your business’s social media marketing campaign, then you can work with your SEO company instead.

You can order your SEO company to include social media marketing as part of your package.

Most of the small businesses that have successfully incorporated social media marketing in their business have been reaping hugely from the move.

This is because businesses on social media marketing can easily reach millions of people through social media compare to those businesses that are not using it. So from now on, start using social media to market and promote your business, don’t be left out!

Why social media marketing is good for business marketing

There are some noticeably obvious benefits of using social media marketing and one of those benefits is the fact that social media marketing offers huge influence on activities such as online shopping.

Why and how? Most young people prefer to do their shopping online rather than going to the shops, and social media have massively affected the ways these young people do their shopping.

It’s not only about having your business online, it’s also more to do with marketing your online business to the right people – potential customers – and there is no better way to do that than social media marketing. A recent report on the impacts of social media on business shows that businesses on social media are making more sales online compare to others that are not using the platform.

Also, in another report, it was reported that many of the recently shut down high street retail brands suffered because of their failure to embrace online shopping as well as online marketing like others.

So, it was too late for them to adapt to the “changes” one of which was online shopping. This means that it will be unwise and unhealthy for a business not to be on social media because you are giving your competitors a chance to outperform you.

Below are how to make your Social Media Marketing campaigns successful:

Step 1. Assess the situation

Know your audience, and know what they need. The key to any social media marketing strategy is to develop awareness, sales and loyalty.

You can effectively use your social media strategies to build in all three of these areas, and it can happen quickly if you focus on the right techniques.

Take some time to draw up a plan, and decide how you want to proceed, given the needs and behaviours of your target audience. Remember to plan your marketing strategies around your loyal customers because it is very important to ensure you keep their loyalty.

Step 2. Draw out and mobilise your plan

Make sure that you set out how often you are going to engage in social marketing strategies. This could be weekly, twice or three times a week. You will also need to plan out the time (either in the morning, afternoon or evening).

Also, you need to decide on how you are going to communicate with your contacts and followers. Other decisions to make include who will be responsible for the social media, will you do it yourself or outsource it to your SEO company?

It is also very important to consider how you are going to measure the results so that you know your campaign is effective.

Step 3. Monitor, measure and improve

Measuring your social media marketing campaign is very important because that is the only way to determine the effectiveness of what you are doing and its impacts on your business. So, having mobilised your social media marketing campaign, your marketing analytics have to be closely monitored. How?

You should always monitor your traffic by looking out for stuff like traffic source and time spent on your website. Also, don’t forget to check the conversions, and determine how much improvement you have noticed since beginning this plan.

For you to be able to improve on your social media marketing strategies, you should compare your campaign so that you can determine which of the campaigns drive most traffic, and then improve on weak areas and feed the strong areas well.


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  1. Thanks for this post! Traffic from social media sites is usually highly targeted, the visitors are more likely to turn into customers and buyers than visitors who find a site via a search engine query.


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