No doubt about it, we are in an era where technology is changing not only the way we communicate but also how the people go about their shopping.

Modern technology is also responsible for changing the face of retail and customer attitudes across all business sectors.

We now live in a world where people can shop anywhere and at any time and on the go. This means that consumers can now shop from their smartphone, tablet as well as their desktop.

However, while it’s good that brands understand and work out the impacts of various technologies, it’s more vital to appreciate the underlying drivers of people’s behaviour.

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Guide to meCommerce – understanding what shoppers want

Me-commerce is all about understanding what shoppers want. It’s a deep understanding of the behaviour and motivations of shoppers.

big marketing RETAIL and meCommerce

So do you know what your customers want? How do you easily get into customers mind and get to know more about them? Today, brands have an opportunity to feed the desires, wants and needs of shoppers.

This is why it is important that brands appreciate why their customers behave the way they do as technology continues to influence them in their decision making.

The fact is that meCommerce is more than just personalisation itself but a methodology that dedicates your sales, marketing, IT and operations efforts to deliver an up-to-date experience for the customer.

The infographic below by Perpetto offers a starter guide to meCommerce and highlights why personalisation of experiences is no longer an extra, but an expectation.

Guide to meCommerce - it's about understanding what shoppers want

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  1. Great to share the info on meCommerce phenomenon. It is going to be crucial for online retailers to embrace it in 2016. Let’s discuss more on meCommerce here? 🙂

  2. meCommerce is going to be really big in 2016 as consumers are becoming more tech savvy. The focus is now about the consumers but are online retailers taking note of this trend?

    • I truly believe it a must! But many do not acknowledge the need. And driving conversation and defining the trend, giving it a frame, characteristics and tips how to manage is a great start.


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