7 in 8 Messages To Brands On Social Media Go Unanswered [Infographic]

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How often do you get answers to your messages to brands on social media? How often does your business answer social messages?

We all know that social media has contributed immensely to business marketing and how businesses reach out to millions of potential customers, but how many businesses are actually using the platforms to improve communication with their customers?

The fact is that there is more to social networking sites than just connecting and making new friends. It’s now an avenue for customers to express their thoughts and voice their concerns about your business.

More than ever before, customers are taking to social media to give props, complain, or engage with a brand and its services or products.

Just like a furious British Airways passenger used Twitter’s sponsored tweet to complain to the world about lost luggage. Even though BA responded and apologized for the delayed response, the damage has already been done.

7 in 8 messages to brands on social media go unanswered

It’s obvious that many of the brands on social media don’t usually answer their messages. Most businesses on social media concentrated too much on using the platform for their business marketing.

The fact is that many brands still remain unmoved in the quest to institute a fully functioning social communication strategy.

Social media is where people go to speak both with your brand and at your brand, but that means social is also where they expect a response.

Unfortunately, according to this Sprout Social infographic, customers are now waiting longer than ever to hear back from brands they engage with online. The centerpiece of this infographic is the stat that 7 in 8 social messages go unanswered by brands in the first 72 hours, which Sprout likens to not answering your phone at your place of business.


social media messages to brands go unanswered

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