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9 Social Media Trends That Will Take Over 2018 [Infographic]

Anthony Williams By Anthony Williams 3 Min Read
social media trends for 2018

That social media has changed the ways we socialise and communicate is not an overstatement. Even business marketing has forever changed since the advent of social media.

It is one of the most effective marketing strategies for small businesses. However, the landscape of social media has been constantly changing over the years.

And with new technologies and features like AI (artificial intelligence) and AR (augmented reality), the possibilities are just too many. But how well are small businesses using social media for marketing? Are businesses taking advantage of the popularity of social media?

The fact is that the optimum use of social media will have positive effects on your business. You can also effectively leverage social media for brand awareness and sales.

How to kick-start your small business social media

To just be on social media is not enough for your business, you will have to do more in order to get the best results. Almost all the small businesses on social media are not doing enough to effectively leverage the platform.

social media trends for 2018
Social media trends for 2018

Unlike big brands with adequate marketing budget and enough resources, small businesses have no or limited resources.

This is why small business owners will have to do more to get better results from social media.

So, do you know how to easily kick-start your small business social media presence and drive engagement? Please check these tips out

What will be the impacts of social media in 2018? How will the platforms shape business marketing and customer support efforts in 2018? Video has added so much value to social media and it is expected to take the centre stage in 2018.


Popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram are expected to continue to invest in video. The fact is that visual content such as video help brands to generate engagement and build strong followership.

The infographic, courtesy of Filmora, offers an insight into the hottest social media trends in 2018.

9 Social media trends in 2018

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