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Is Social Media Right For Your Small Business?

Adeyemi Adisa By Adeyemi Adisa 8 Min Read
Is social media right for your small business?

Yes, social media can be an effective and efficient means of business marketing, especially, if you get it right. But is social media right for your small business?

In our social media-centric world, every small business wants to be socially connected. However, do you have the right resources? Have you got the resources to make it work for your business?

Businesses want to be able to reach their potential customers through other means than the usual traditional forms of marketing.

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Social media is one of the trending and most talk-about marketing topics nowadays. It’s the most popular “news”; you can hardly read a magazine, newspaper, business blog, or anything connected with business without coming across social media. It’s like the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the food we eat.

Social media and small businesses

No doubt about it, social media has changed the ways businesses communicate and interact with their customers.

And when it comes to promoting and monitoring business or brand reputation online, there are no other ways to do it better than social media.

Social media is simply one of the best things to happen to online marketing and customer support as it’s one of the most effective communication tools that any business can easily use.

Yes, social media is a huge shift in how businesses engage with their customers. And yes, it can deliver great results. However, it’s not necessarily right for every business. So, is social media right for your small business?

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There are a number of considerations to think about before you jump aboard. Here’s a checklist that will help you to understand a little more about what’s involved and whether it’s right for your business.

Is social media right for your business?

As a business owner, before you put your business on social media and join the ever-growing list of social media ‘users’, you should be able to know or determine whether your presence on the platform will be of great benefit to your business.

Have You Got The Resources To Make Social Media Work For Your Business?

You have to be able to ask yourself whether the time is right for your business to be on social media. Are your customers, clients, and others you want to connect on social media?

There’s a possibility that more than 90% of the people that interact with your business almost daily have access to social media.

Mind you, it’s not just about having your business on the platform, you have to be able to understand why your business should use social media for business marketing and promotion.

This is particularly important because it’s when you have an idea of why your business should be on the platform that you will be able to leverage social media for brand awareness, marketing and sales.

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Are your competitors active on social media platforms? Have you searched to see if people are already having conversations about your business, your industry niche, or even your brand on social media? If the answer is yes, then it could be a very useful tool for you.

Have you got the right resources?

Another thing is that you should be able to understand what social media is about before you decide to put your business on it.

“Social media is like a marathon, not a sprint, don’t expect some instant results”

The fact is that not all the small businesses on social media are actually maximizing the benefits of the platforms. Some are just on the platforms to make up the numbers. Is your business one of them?

As a business owner, you have to set aside a dedicated team of people that can help you maximize your presence on social media.


No only that but you will also need to have the right social media tools like Crowdfire to simplify your social media management. When it comes to content marketing, a powerful tool like Elokenz can help you get more leads from your content with its smart content marketing distribution tools.

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If you really want social media to work for your business, you or your team will have to dedicate ongoing time to your business’s social media activities. This is probably the best way your business can actually get better social media marketing results.

Do you have the time for social media?

If your business is on social media, you will be making some expensive social media mistakes to think that you can record success overnight. Social media does take time to blossom and if it finally does, it will offer immense benefits for your business.

Get this right, social media successes don’t just come overnight, you have to be patient in order to make it work for your business. Social media is like a marathon, not a sprint, don’t expect some instant results.

So, are you prepared to invest the time with little output at the beginning? Are you prepared to put in the groundwork even when you won’t see the return on your investment straight away?

Do you have the patience for it? Check out our article on simple but effective ways to use social media for business marketing.

Do you know what your objectives are?

Do you know, and understand, what you want to achieve with social media? Are you clear about what it can achieve and what it can’t? Have you tied this into your business plan?

You need to be certain of your goals before you start, otherwise, you’ll waste a lot of time and effort on something that isn’t targeted to your specific needs.

Is social media a priority for your small business? Do you have a quality, fully optimized website you can direct people to from your social media profiles or blog? Make sure your house is in order so that it will be easier to integrate social media with your other activities.


Is Social Media Right For Your Small Business? Have You Got The Resources To Make It Work?
Is Social Media Right For Your Small Business? Have You Got The Resources To Make It Work?

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  • Hey Anthony,

    Simply nice post. As a new small business owner I want to say, social media marketing is very much effective for our business in this new era. In this way, we can easily promote our particular products and we can also achieved our business particular goal. Am I right Anthony ?

    shuvro chowdhury

    • You are right Shuvro, social media marketing is good for business marketing. But the fact is that not many small businesses are entirely actively on social media platforms. The point of a business being on social media is to benefit from it. But will the results reflect the investments on social media for most of the small businesses on social media? I am glad social media works for you business…

      Thanks for visiting and commenting!

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